Years have passed since the Organization fell. Now, a new group has moved in, this one called Organization GenX. Their goal, conquer all worlds. Think you can handle it? Step right up and be prepared to loose your heart.

- Name must have an X in it
- No using the original member's powers or weapons
- All Ranks and Titles will be handed out as I get to them
- No sexual posts, or it will be deleted
- Keep this PG-13
- PM me if you want to join
- more rules to come once I'm awake enough to think......

The Superior - Vixy
The Rose Soldier - Xemera
The Legendary Fire - Phoneix

On a Side note.....

this is an incredible meme I found on Deviant Art. Fill it out if you want. This isn't mine, just saying....

Cooki Monstress' nobody

Nobody Name (must have X): Pheonix
Powers: Fire and blood?
Home World:Idk what this means xD
Weapon: Knives and swords..oh and fire :D
Nobody type (like Axel controls Assasins, or Demyx Dancers): Pheonix assasins
Height: 5'6
Hair description: Short spiked blonde hair with Red and Black strips in them.
Male or Female:Female :P
Friends:None I guess so far xD
Lovers (if any): I wish xD
Picture:None yet :P Ill draw one tonight :P


Nobody Name (must have X): Xemera
Powers: Dark matter
Home World: Zelora (I'll think of something better later, im being lazy like axel lol)
Weapon: two Dark matter daggers
Nobody type: Rose Soilder
Height: 5 ft.
Hair description: Long purple hair pulled into a side ponytail with side bangs
Male or Female: Female
Lovers (if any): None yet (Pm or comment if your character is interested in her)
Picture: Working on it


The Supior's Character sheet

Nobody Name (must have X): Vixy (Sombody is Ivy, caretaker of plants in Radiant Garden)
Powers: Data, she touches it, you become it.
Home World: Space Paranoid
Weapon: Her left hand. It is covered with a special glove, but she can turn her hand into a sword
Nobody type: Firwalls (Think of Big Shield Guardna, except in nobody form, and covered in data)
Height: 5' 10"
Hair description: Blue, piecy bangs, comes just below shoulders, some strands made of wiring
Male or Female: Female
Friends: Friends? I have subordinates!
Lovers (if any): No heart to love
Picture: Up as soon as possible

Character Sheet

Nobody Name (must have X):
Home World:
Nobody type (like Axel controls Assasins, or Demyx Dancers):
Hair description:
Male or Female:
Lovers (if any):