i absolutely love ouran high school host club and i love tamaki!!!! why does it take so long for haruhi to love him!!!! he is so nice and romantic to her!!!! if i was haruhi i would just fall in love with him but then all the exciting things and romance wont happen!!!

can you feel there love??? <3

can you feel the love???? <3 do you have someone you love??? i do <3

love story of tamaki and haruhi <3

this is the love story of tamaki and haruhi <3 <3

tamaki moments 3 :3

here is tamaki moments 3 :3

yay tamaki is so cute

yes i do love him!!!! yay :3

ok i took another ouiz and my date is............tamaki!!!! yay he is so romantic and cute and nice and so funny!!!! :3

her is another tamaki moments part 2

tamaki moments 1

her are funny moments of tamaki :3