This is wear I will post Sketches, it will be nice to know what your opinions would be nice and if people like them they will become proper fan arts!

And I'll be uploading all the different kind of things I make and crafts, so it would be nice to know your opinions on them too!

So if your bored or just slightly interested please go and look!

Iven design developemt

External Image

1 - Pretty much the 1st time I properly drew Iven 2- one of my latest drawings of him

I'm in the middle of re-drawing the reference picture of Lovell and Iven that I use for when I want to commission people or as a their colour and height guide for myself, and I also wanted to update their design little, because I felt it was a bit plain, but I can't really add to much to Iven's as his clothes should be simple due to the situation his homeland is in. So I've given him a proper arrow bag holder thing that has Mlialiezi emblem on it, (he did have one in the original drawing, but it was a small and nothing of thing).

In the drawing above I hadn't decided on Iven's skin tone ^^; He was quite pale for someone who lives in a desert (ex-rain forest) I've also, not pictured, I made him shorter, originally he was 5'2" and now he's 4'0/1" (the funny thing is now at his tallest he'll ever grow is 5', Sorry Iv)

Also my sketches have gotten better I think :)
I'm going to post the finished version of their new(ish) looks.


just a wip of something I'm going to doing :) It's Dewey, Jessie (my oc's) and Naoyuki (Kita Mikichi's oc) and there little hogwarts students!! :D

Can you guess which house their in?

Ozzy + 2p Ozzy

I've been recentally geting into the player 2 Hetalia and I thought it would be cool to draw Ozzy's player 2 character!

player 2 or 2p is where Himaruya changed the colours of the characters and the fans have taken it to be the dark/evil/opersit side of the characters. Here's a {LINK}, {LINK} to some pictures of examples.

So back to Ozzy, erm . .. normal him on the left and 2p him on the right. I think I might have based his 2p out fit on 2p america but it's only a sketck so it doesn't matter, 2p!Ozzy is darker, more evil than normal Ozzy, the 2p version has no problam in hurting and attacking people, though the normal Ozzy can be slightly insane and mad you just know you must've done something really terrible to piss him off. 2p!Ozzy is more cocky and confidente than normal Ozzy.

I've had fun doing this, I might do this sort of thing again, I think I might do Dewey, as it would be interesting, and either Hazel or Sabrina, but I think it's most likelly going to be sabrina, seeing I haven't drawn her in a while.

So if you,ve got any questions just ask!

Ozzy and Jackieâs Family Picture â rough sketch

I wanted to draw Ozzy and Jackie’s Family. I’ve wanted to draw them for a while but never got around to drawing them until now. I’ve mentioned them in memes in the past but there have been a couple of changes, from memes and profiles. In Ozzy’s profile I said that he lived with both his parents and in a meme I said that both of their parents had died, but I’ve decided that they still have their father, but lost their mother and their aunt & cousin live with them. I am going to draw Ozzy and Jackie’s mum, eventually just to show how she looked.
(Left to right)
(Some of who you already know)
Ozzy: the eldest of the children. Jackie’s older brother.
Jackie: Youngest of the lot. Ozzy’s younger sister.
Leo: Ozzy and Jackie’s father, he’s a physics professor. Leo and Xanthe are twins. He has to walk with a walking cane as he has a really bad hip after being knocked over when in his teens. A nice guy would do anything for his kids.
Xanthe: Ozzy and Jackie’s aunt, Leo’s younger twin sister. She has a daughter, named Lili. Lost her husband when her daughter was only a couple months old. She’s a designer, and has a company which she runs from home, designing bedrooms and other such things and sometimes clothes. She’s sweet and shy.
Lili: Ozzy and Jackie’s cousin, Xanthe’s daughter. Same age as Ozzy, but younger by a couple of months. Gets picked on by other kids by being called albino because of her pale skin and near white/pale blonde hair. Is like a little sister to Ozzy. She’s a very sweet girl. Loves taking photographs!
Brief disgription of them, I’ll add more about them as I draw them! I hope you all like them!

Oc sketches on SAI

I have a graphics tablet now and this is the first thing I've drawn on it! And I used the program SAI and I'm going to keep on practiceing.

Any tips on how to improve would be nice

and tomorrow I get my GCSE exam results . . . . so frightend