This is wear I will post Sketches, it will be nice to know what your opinions would be nice and if people like them they will become proper fan arts!

And I'll be uploading all the different kind of things I make and crafts, so it would be nice to know your opinions on them too!

So if your bored or just slightly interested please go and look!

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Breeze - redraw

I am so so sorry for my absence *begs for forgiveness*

please accept a pretty little drawing

External Image

and here are the remakes.

External Image

I'm not going to post them properly - I like it but there's something about it I'm not sure about it - but I hope you all like it :D

Hazel and art belongs to me :)

Edwardian fashion - Dai & Hazel

External Image

Edwardian era was a time in the UK, between 1901 and 1910 generally and during the rule of King Edward VII.

This was intended to be a style study I want to do but I decided I want to do a more interesting pose, so this became just a simple fashion sketch.

It's of Dai and Hazel, during working on it, I started to think of an AU in this time period, where it's mostly the same as their actual timeline, where they are very close friends and stuff, but in the AU they would eventually get married together, it's a marriage of convenience, where Hazel has had way too many bad experiences with men and would rather just focus on her job of being a doctor and Dai being ace (although it wasn't known at that time) and given Hazel's position, that it would leave him able to work in peace and comfort (he is a Zoologist and naturalist), they also have a large house together with lots of land, so Dai can just have his dogs and be with nature and wildlife. They have a good system going on between them, they've basically married they're best friend XD I could happily talk about them all day XD
I'm not sure how Dai would have gotten to the UK but he's there so lets just leave it at that. There were no laws in Britain about interracial marriages, as by this point there were quite a few - they weren't too common, but it wouldn't be completely unheard of. He would experience racism, but for some reason people keep thinking he's Indian, because he told them he's not African, nobody had any real idea what Aboriginal Australians were at the time and that his features aren't African and are closer to that of Indians and Dai just smiles and nods as he's given up trying to explain. Dai mainly keeps to himself in the house - Hazel just tells people (especially those who don't know his race) that her husband is shy.
It's a very sweet relationship and set up they have and live out the rest of their lives like that (with the small blip of the first world war- I wasn't going to talk about that part but I have a habit of waffling about historical things and that I like trying to make it accurate so here goes to the hell of WWI - They would both have to go to war - Dai due to conscription and Hazel because she is a doctor - but she'd probably have to be a nurse :I Dai could be a spy or special agent due to his intelligence and language skills but I'm not sure how likely it would be due to racism, but he would be a hard worker and a good leader so he would up the ranks - but he's peaceful and kindhearted soul and everything that went on in the great war would have disturbed him greatly. They both survive the horror and neither of them talk about it afterwards.)

I think Dai looks quite dapper but he hates it XD I don't know which era he dislikes more XD (1920's Dai). I don't think I've drawn Hazel's outfit properly, because I think that the fashion should suit her but I haven't done it right or something . .

Accuracy of anything (outside of my OC's) in this post is debatable but hay I try :D :D

Okay I'm going to go now, I've gone on long enough as it is - sorry for my long rambling but I hope you all like it :D

Oc Portraits

Some portraits :D

lil petit prince Llew

External Image

This is from an earlier post, that I said I wouldn't work on further but then my hand slip and went further, but I stopped at just the face, I really don't think I'll carry it on any further XD Unless my hand slips again

Current Llew

External Image

I wanted to draw a proper portrait of Llew and I tried to show the less arrogant side of Llew

Summer Hazel

External Image

I don't draw her enough recently and I need to make that right! Just a little portrait of her and that I used for one of my business card designs :D She works really well on them :D

Llew's father - Thomas Llewelyn(Otherwise better known as Tomo)

External Image

This guy is Llew dad (and in turn Ozzy's grandfather) Their family is a little complicated so I wont go into too much detail ^^; Yeah but I've been working on developing this guy recently, he is very bright and intelligent, didn't have a set profession but liked doing lots of different jobs. He's a good mix of Llew and Ozzy (or should I say that Ozzy and Llew are a good chunk of Tomo) Thomas is Welsh and his name is pronounced with a 'oh' sound instead of the 'ah'- Did this because I needed a explanation to why on Earth Llew has a welsh name >.<; Yeah so back to Tomo, Llew would have had a much better life had he been raised up by Tomo, but unfortunately he was killed pretty much on the same day as Llew was born. He was in his mid-fifties.
On an artistic standpoint it was to try and draw/paint and older person and to try and show a family resemblance with out being same facey~

I really hope you all like them :D

Ballet Lesson

External Image

I was drawing some ballet studies (that I will post soon) and it got me thinking that Iven could be quite good at ballet and so I drew Hazel teaching ballet and I think that it's turned out well :) I'm happy with the pose and the general feel of it, but I'm not that keen on how Hazels face has come out ^^;
Iven is 4'1" and Hazel is 6'1" if anyone is interested knowing, Hazel is the same height as Lovell too XD Iven thinks that she is really nice and elegant, whilst Lovell is really nice but is real clumsy (and an idiot) XD Hazel is definitely someone Iven could get along with, Azlyn chose a good teacher in Hazel.

I hope you all like it :D

Characters and Art belong to me

Preview - RapunHazel

External Image

A small preview of a study/practice/parody thing I've been working on and off for a while now.

It started off as a little sketch of Hazel as Rapunzel and Llew as Flynn in the same pose in the poster for the film, that was drawn in late October 2013, and I really liked the sketch, and I was in the middle of an art block during that time so I used it to practice colouring and stuff and I basically kept going back to it to practice new techniques on it and steadily improving it ^^ and a time laps of each improvement is really nice :D ^^

And now I'm not sure what to do with it, should I post it here only or as a proper submission here and dA? I really like it and I really like Llew and Hazel together, but the thing is, Hazel is technically with Leon (someones oc on dA) but I prefer LlewXHazel to LeonXHazel and Leon's owner isn't really active anymore and I just don't think Leon is right for her (though it might be slightly bias on my part XD) and I don't know what to do about it, I don't want to say anything to the owner as I'm worried of hurting her feelings and I don't want us to stop RPing. vv;
any advice would be nice

Hazel and art belong to me and tangled poster belongs to Disney