This is wear I will post Sketches, it will be nice to know what your opinions would be nice and if people like them they will become proper fan arts!

And I'll be uploading all the different kind of things I make and crafts, so it would be nice to know your opinions on them too!

So if your bored or just slightly interested please go and look!

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Petit Prince Llew

I had a really strong urge to draw lil'Llew as the Petit prince ^^; and I regret nothing ^^;

I'm trying to push stylizeation and make it somewhat unique, but I'm a way off,I mean I like the way I draw, I just don't feel it stands out very much and that I could do better. but I'm stuck in the mind set of that I want to stylise my work and then there's this little part of my brain that goes on at me saying that it's not accurate and that it needs to look realistic. DX Sorry I'm just rambling now

I don't think I'll finish this off, it was just a little cute fun thing to draw :)

I hope you all like it :D

Art and character belongs to me

Seals and a merman

Wanted to draw some seals for some reason and I've always had a soft spot for them

External Image

and this is the obvious follow up, turn one of my characters into a seal merman, because y'know, logic. . . .anyway Lovell is now a grey seal merman :D

External Image

(I really want to carry on with these but I know I shouldn't DX XD)

Yeah I hope you all like it ^^;

Dewey Portrait

External Image

A little portrait sketch of my precious Dewey :D I don't draw him as often as I should anymore ^^;
I looked at some of my old attempts at drawing a realistic Dewey, 2012 one was bad but okay then the next one was just worse DX XD this one is considerably better ^^;
His eyes are a bit off but I like how it's turned out over all :D I'm going to finish this off digitally but I haven't decided if the portrait will be like this or a bit more stylised yet.

I really hope you like it :D

Dewey belongs to meeee

little chibi Llew

External Image

(Sorry for the recent spam ^^;)
I wanted to draw something cute so I drew little chibi Llew in a pikachu hoodie :D I hadn't intended to finish it off as much as I have but I was kept up later than I had intended to last night so I just worked on this ^^

I hope you all like it ^^

Character and Art belong to me :)

Young Llew

I had this image in my head for a few days now and wanted to put it down in picture, and I really wanted to draw Llew as a little kid again, but slightly older than I have done in the past, he's about 10 here, and it's about at this point that he starts to change into the person he is today ^^; Yeah his long wavy hair was cut short at about 8/9 years old (much to both Rosie and Xanthe's dismay). I should do an age meme with Llew as I think he's the one that goes through the most change visually I think. Also as I tried to show in the drawing, Llew supports Manchester United football club and is currently very dismayed at how hopeless they have been in recent seasons XD XD

Whilst doodling this and because I'm in the middle of drawing some drawings for Kita, it got me thinking about Llew and Naoyuki and how they could get along, and that Llew could relate to Naoyuki because of his own childhood and that he has Avoidant personality disorder traits and other things, and so this got me writing a little (and drawing) a little scene and that I hope I don't write Naoyuki too out of character ^^;

Well I hope you all like him :D
Llew and art belong to me