This is wear I will post Sketches, it will be nice to know what your opinions would be nice and if people like them they will become proper fan arts!

And I'll be uploading all the different kind of things I make and crafts, so it would be nice to know your opinions on them too!

So if your bored or just slightly interested please go and look!

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little chibi Llew

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(Sorry for the recent spam ^^;)
I wanted to draw something cute so I drew little chibi Llew in a pikachu hoodie :D I hadn't intended to finish it off as much as I have but I was kept up later than I had intended to last night so I just worked on this ^^

I hope you all like it ^^

Character and Art belong to me :)

Ballet Lesson

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I was drawing some ballet studies (that I will post soon) and it got me thinking that Iven could be quite good at ballet and so I drew Hazel teaching ballet and I think that it's turned out well :) I'm happy with the pose and the general feel of it, but I'm not that keen on how Hazels face has come out ^^;
Iven is 4'1" and Hazel is 6'1" if anyone is interested knowing, Hazel is the same height as Lovell too XD Iven thinks that she is really nice and elegant, whilst Lovell is really nice but is real clumsy (and an idiot) XD Hazel is definitely someone Iven could get along with, Azlyn chose a good teacher in Hazel.

I hope you all like it :D

Characters and Art belong to me

Young Llew

I had this image in my head for a few days now and wanted to put it down in picture, and I really wanted to draw Llew as a little kid again, but slightly older than I have done in the past, he's about 10 here, and it's about at this point that he starts to change into the person he is today ^^; Yeah his long wavy hair was cut short at about 8/9 years old (much to both Rosie and Xanthe's dismay). I should do an age meme with Llew as I think he's the one that goes through the most change visually I think. Also as I tried to show in the drawing, Llew supports Manchester United football club and is currently very dismayed at how hopeless they have been in recent seasons XD XD

Whilst doodling this and because I'm in the middle of drawing some drawings for Kita, it got me thinking about Llew and Naoyuki and how they could get along, and that Llew could relate to Naoyuki because of his own childhood and that he has Avoidant personality disorder traits and other things, and so this got me writing a little (and drawing) a little scene and that I hope I don't write Naoyuki too out of character ^^;

Well I hope you all like him :D
Llew and art belong to me

Ozzy and Llew meet Victor and Vincent

This came from the SS gift I drew for Nikkeh, and saying that I thought that my oc's Ozzy and Llew and her oc's Victor and Vincent could get along well. Ozzy and Victor are both the older brothers and both are quiet, reserved, intelligent, and proper and Llew and Vincent are similar because they're loud, appealing, and seductive, but Llew isn't very book smart so doesn't match up with the intelligence.

Not sure what the two little brothers are plotting but I'm sure it will be a cause a headache for their respective older brother XD

Sorry to Nikkeh if either one of them are out of character, but I hope you like the quick sketch :)

Ozzy and Llew belong to me
Victor and Vincent belong to Nikkeh

Les Mis Sketches

I’ve watched clips and songs from “Les Miserable” on repeat for the past few days ^^; and so I was inspired to draw these, based on one of my favourite songs, ‘One day more’ but with some of my characters. Alaine as Cosette, Dai as Marius and Andre as Enjolras. I only did ‘one day more’ because I don’t know which of my characters would be the other characters.

I chose Andre as Enjolras because, they’re both patriotic. Andre is not French, he’s Tahitian (French Polynesian) and his mother is French-Nigerian so he is many shades of French XD I chose Dai as Marius because they’re both sweet and that in the film Enjolras and Marius seem to be good friends, but Dai and Andre are even better friends, best friends :D I don’t think that my characters are a perfect fit for those parts, but I had fun doing this.
I tried out a few new techniques on all of these and drawings.
I used screenshots for this as something of a simple study, and I like how it’s turned out, much better than I thought it would do.

External Image

I tried a blockier type of colouring to try and be quick and I wanted to try this composition, and I quite like how it’s turned out, but I think I’d use a different kind of brush next time and that I might change Andres pose a little, make it more dynamic.

External Image

Then my brain went on a tangent and away from Les Mis but still in the same kind of time period, I like the tangent my brain went on :) This started as an impromptu sketch, of Dai as being drawn by Andre and I tried drawing as Andre and I signed it as him A. Manu (also as myself at the top) and the text (hopefully) says “My dearest friend, Dainan”. And I really like how it’s turned out :D But for some reason I think he looks kinda younger there ^^; and that early 1800’s clothes suit Dai quite well XD

External Image

Dai: *still reading and not looking up” You do know drawing me, doesn’t count as doing your homework.
Andre: Non, I will make it work!
Dai: *laughs*

Fun fact: I have sang “Castle on a cloud” in Welsh for my music exam :D and I somehow passed it! ^^

Sorry for such a long post, I hope you all like it and any thought and opinions on these are welcomed :)

And finally:
“All I did was sTEAL SOME BREAD!”