This is wear I will post Sketches, it will be nice to know what your opinions would be nice and if people like them they will become proper fan arts!

And I'll be uploading all the different kind of things I make and crafts, so it would be nice to know your opinions on them too!

So if your bored or just slightly interested please go and look!

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Siblings - strange little comic

I'm really really sorry for being M.I.A for most of the summer - I'll do a proper update tomorrow as well as post some other sketches

I have no idea where I was going with this but it went too far DX - it started with the Dai&Mia and Hideaki&Kaida ones and so decided to add the others and try to make some sense to it. . . so here goes

External Image

External Image

External Image

Art and characters belong to me

sketch comic - Euro '16

I'm in the middle of making comic examples, but got distracted by football ^^; Did this pretty much last night but it's taken me this long to upload it XD

External Image

Dai prefers Rugby by a long shot, but he will pretty much always support his home nations.

I tried to keep it as quick as possible so that I could practice making it as expressive as possible, I'm also really sorry about my terrible hand writing ^^; Hope it's understandable enough :) I quite like how it's turned out and I'll keep on practicing :D

Characters are Alaine, Dai, Mia and Ethan (and the pillow is Mr.Urdd - mascot for a kids organisation ^^)

Hope you all like it :D

Business card designs

I need to redesign my business cards, I'm going to have 2 this time, one for portrait work and the other for more illustrative work, the last design was too cramped, and didn't show any of the work off ^^; So having two separate cards with full illustration would display them individually better. For the portrait one it's simply going to be a portrait but here are the things I've come up with for the other card :D

1. the pose needs to be corrected before I start it I know, the pose is more complex than no.2 and so it pushes my ability but I don't like the gold effect in this one and it hasn't turned out quite it would in my head.

2. this is the gold effect I was kinda looking for and the general feel but the pose is a bit simple and stuff (I'm definitely going to finish one of these two off)

3. Kinda different one to the others, I like the idea and that the glowy bits and the dress are nice, but there's something about it I'm not happy with, but I don't know what.

4. (not sure what Ozzy's doing but he's doing it) Other than Ozzy turning out angryer looking than I intended, I quite like it - but it did make me realise that I need to practice perspective and foreshortening more because this became quite tricky DX

I like 2 and 4 the most but I'mm not 100% sure if they're appropriate for business cards.

I was inspired by the gift art I made for Dianote. To have the main image in black and white and then have some colour and have that piece being in gold/shiny foil, I thought it could work well for a business card and make them stand out or would have a full coloured one be better?

I hope you all like them and any feed back would be welcomed :D

art and characters belong to me

Petit Prince Llew

I had a really strong urge to draw lil'Llew as the Petit prince ^^; and I regret nothing ^^;

I'm trying to push stylizeation and make it somewhat unique, but I'm a way off,I mean I like the way I draw, I just don't feel it stands out very much and that I could do better. but I'm stuck in the mind set of that I want to stylise my work and then there's this little part of my brain that goes on at me saying that it's not accurate and that it needs to look realistic. DX Sorry I'm just rambling now

I don't think I'll finish this off, it was just a little cute fun thing to draw :)

I hope you all like it :D

Art and character belongs to me

preview - ish

ehh, more like a mostly done work in progress . . . ^^;

This is a part of a second piece I'm entering for a contest on dA (part of the first one is in the previous post)
It's nearly done now, and I'm debating posting it tomorrow or closer to the new closing date, I want to continue trying to improve it but I want to get it out of the way so that I don't work on it so much that I grow to despise it DX

I thought they looked cute, so I thought I'd share ^^ :)

characters and art belong to me

I hope you all like it :D