Tauria's Top 60 Countdown

Hello everyone, this is my Top 60 favorite openings and endings from different anime series.

Originally I was going to try to do 10 then it grew to 20 and then 30...then 50, but I just couldn't leave certain things out so here we are at 60! Out of 1-100, 60 does seem weird it isn't even the half-way mark, but I like to look at it as since this event going for five days...5x12 is 60! :D So with that said...

I'll be listing 12 songs per day, 6 openings and 6 endings.

This list isn't in any specific order except maybe the last 20 or less and even then it might not be because there are some favorites I left out when trying to narrow this list down.

With that said if there is anything I left out and you want to voice your thoughts on it do share your thoughts. It could be a favorite I left out or something completely new to me and I love learning new music. :) Also there are other Top list on here hopefully so you can find more openings and endings there.

To the countdown! 3. 2. 1. LET'S JAM! :D

July 20, 2015

#60-55 : #54-49

July 21, 2015

#48-43 : #42-37

July 22, 2015

#36-31 : #30-25

July 23, 2015

#24-19 : #18-13

July 24, 2015 NEW*******

#12-02 : #01