(crowd: we get it!!! )

sooooo...shall i start?? ok first, my name.. my name is =toot=..

(speaker:censored because the name she was about to say is very inappropriate for children...even for adults!!! )

ahahaha..just call me namiko-SAMA!!!

i love yaoi , thats it. ---period---

girly girl!!!! ANIME?!?!?!

Have you noticed there is something wrong with some animes??
those kind of animes that repeats the same kind of plot in every episode, the animes' looks, and lots more!!!

here are a few examples of these kinds of animes...

sailor moon

External Image

i mean..what is the artist thinking?!?!? look closely..her hair almost touched her ankles.and she's wearing pig tails!!! what if she takes of her pig tails..imagine how long would it be???



External Image

sorry..(to those who love pokemon)..i also love pokemon but..i have one problem with it..i got bored,,u know y?? almost all of their episodes have the same story or plot..have u noticed..ash fights in a gym..and finds another place..and round and round it goes..*sigh..but still pokemon is nice..i think..

bokura ga ita

External Image

this is one of my hatest anime..u know y?? this has the same incident as pokemon..the same story/plot..they fight, they get back, they fight, they get back...and so on...

pitchi pitchi pitch

External Image

*yawns***who loves pitchi pitchi pitch?? i know who..little girls do..but little girls or kids does not usually watch anime..soo who watches them...

US!!!! no use right??

yah..i think thats it..tell me ur reactions..if u refuse or not..thank you!!

its been a long time...

its been a long time since i'm here. i have been very busy lately..(cause of school) and i'm soooooooooooooooo tired..

sooo here's something i want you guys to show.


thanks for making me a guest poster! here's a little something that semi-descibes me!

This photograph captured A firework exploding, lighting strike and a comet/meteor streaking the sky at the same time.

And this video is pretty an I love X ray dog's music so enjoy!

I'm a Guest Poster! XD

Thanks for adding me as a guest poster! I'll be sure to add you to my world also ^^

Woohoo! I'm a Guest Poster. Yay!^-^

Hey. thanks for adding me as a guest poster. Later i'm gonna update my guest posters list so i'll add you to 2 of my worlds.Anyway, thanks again. Now heres a random Kingdom He...

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