Chapter 4 - Makeover

"Aahh, wasn't that fun? Our first on-stage experience," Anko burst out in glee, stretching her arms high above her head. The concert had ended an hour ago, but it had been hell getting back to the hotel.

Akuro had seated herself comfortably on one of the two couches in the main room. "Now that I think of it, my brother's college is in this city. Maybe we could go visit him tomorrow during lunch?"

"Sure, and if he's as cool as his sister, then it'll be fun," Nani grinned, sitting down next to the black-haired girl. She ran her fingers through Akuro's hair. "And we need to do something about this. A haircut and maybe blue bangs?"

Akuro pulled away from the blonde's fingers. "Why?" She ran her own fingers through her hair.

"Come on, we're big shots in the music biz now," Anko said from the other couch, which faced the one Akuro and Nani sat on. "You gotta get a better style. For instance, look at my hair. White with pastel streaks. But you'd look good with a short, spiked cut in the back, with long, blue bangs in the front. We'll go get it done tomorrow before we go meet your brother."

Akuro gave out a sigh of surrender. "Fine."


"You look great!" The others exclaimed when they saw Akuro after a few hours at the salon.

She brushed one of her bangs to the side. "Do I really?"

"Of course! Now come on, I'm anxious to meet your brother."

"Okay, he should be at the cafe just down the street from his dorm."

"And do you know where his dorm is?"

"Of course, I've visited him before."


As they walked into the small cafe, Akuro looked around, trying to find her brother. "There he is. Yosuke!" she called out, spotting him.

A young man with medium-length black hair turned when he heard his name being called. "Akuro? Is that you?" He looked around at the other girls as Akuro threw her arms around his neck. "Who're your friends?"

Akuro pulled away from her brother. "These are Anko, Manani, Mamori, and Minako. Or, in better words, Ookami Ren'ai, my band."

"Ookami Ren'ai? So you guys are on tour with Hitokiri Kami? So that was you on bass? I knew I recognized the bassist, even from as far away as I was. Congrats, sis."

Akuro grinned, embracing her brother again. "It was so good to see you again after all this time, Yosuke, but we gotta go."

"Okay. I'll try to come see you guys play again."