Chapter 3 - Big Gig

Anko burst into the room just before practice started. Her excitement showed on her face. "Guess what! I was talking with Hitokiri Kami's manager. He said that he would come listen to one of our practices. And if he likes us, he's going to have us join them on a tour as an introduction band!"

Mina jumped up. "You mean I'll be with Re even though he's on tour!"

"Maybe. Their manager has to like us. And even if he does, the tour will be fun for you guys. You all have your boyfriends. I don't think Daisuke even likes me," Akuro said from where she sat on her amp.

Nani leaned on her guitar and smiled at Akuro. "Aku, I'm sure Dai likes you. He's just not showing it."

"Yeah right. You saw how he looked at me. There was dislike in his eyes."

"But I think I heard the opposite in his voice."

"You think that."


There was a knock on the door of Ookami Ren'ai's practice room. Anko opened the door, a huge smile on her face. "Welcome, Mr. Hoshiyama. Please, make yourself comfortable."

The man took a seat by the door so that he could see and hear everyone perfectly. "You may begin. Do as you always do. Just forget I'm here."

Anko nodded and turned to Akuro. "We're gonna do that one," she said, winking.

"What, but we just started working on it!"

"But you already know it, and you have the hardest part. C'mon, let's try it."

Akuro sighed. "Okay." She set down her bass and stepped up to the microphone. Anko took up Akuro's bass and turned the amp on. "Ready?" Akuro asked the rest of the band. They all nodded and Akuro signaled Nani to start. After a few seconds of Nani playing acoustic, Akuro closed her eyes and raised the mic. Her lips parted as she began to sing.


When the song was over, Mr. Hoshiyama's hands clapped ferociously. He stood, still clapping. "That was amazing! But you're not the usual singer, are you? I would like to hear Miss Anko sing now, if you would please."

"Okies," Anko said, setting down Akuro's bass. It made a screeching sound and she turned off the amp, flinching. "Sorry."

Akuro stepped away from the mic and picked up her bass. She sat on the amp and reached down to turn it on. "Ready?"


Anko showed Mr. Hoshiyama back out of the room. "Young lady, you and your band are definitely going to tour with Hitokiri Kami. Goody day, and I'll see all of you again in one month." He tilted his hat and walked down the hallway.

Anko went back into the room and closed the door. "We're going on tour with Hitokiri Kami!"