Chapter 2 - Hitokiri Kami

"Akuro, over here!" It was a Saturday morning, several weeks after Akuro had first joined Ookami Ren'ai. Anko was across the street and was waving the black-haired bassist over. Akuro quickly crossed and noticed a car parked around the corner. Mamori was behind the wheel, and Manani and Mina were in the back seat. "We want you to meet some people. Get in," she said, ushering Akuro into the back seat. Anko sat in the front and signaled for Mamori to drive.
When they reached their destination, Akuro was pushed out of the car. "You're gonna love this," Manani grinned, pushing Akuro towards the door of a large, fancy apartment building.
"What are we doing here? Whoever it is you want me to meet must be big!"
"You have no idea. Now hush." Anko guided Akuro to the elevator where they went up to the fourteenth floor. Just down the hall, she knocked on a door. A tall boy with red hair who was wearing goggles atop his head answered.
Akuro gasped. "Y-you're M-Makhael from Hitokiri Kami!" she stammered.
Makhael grinned and said to Anko, "Aa, is this the girl who's replacing Mikami? You guys come on in and make yourselves at home." He opened the door wide and stepped to the side. Akuro, who was frozen in place had to be half-pushed, half-carried into the main room by Mamori.
Re was seated on one of the golden couches. He looked up when the girls came in. "Akemi and Bishamon are out shopping for costumes," he said, referring to the drummer and other guitarist."
There was an older boy standing by the window, looking out at the city below. On the back of his black hoodie was a green and blue dragon. Akuro's eyes sparkled when she saw him, and her face grew red. The boy turned his head to look at the newcomers, then turned back to the window. It was Makhael who explained, "Hitokiri Kami was created as boyfriends for Ren'ai, which is now Ookami Ren'ai. I'm with Aa. Re is with Mina. Bishamon with Nani. And Akemi with Maa. Daisuke was meant for Mii, but they never got along. So our band relationships were never complete. Aa thinks that you might be perfect for our Dai.
"If she's anything like Mikami was, then it'll never happen," Daisuke said, never turning from the window.
"Oh, she's nothing like Mii was. They're complete opposites, in most ways. I think that this time, Hitokiri Kami's existence will be complete."
"You speak of existence like we were here only for you. If you haven't noticed, we've made it farther in the music business than you have. What makes you think our existence was nothing?"
"With Kuro, I think we can make it farther than you. I even say she's better than Re."
Now it was Akuro's turn to speak. "M-me?! Better than Re?! N-no. RE is my idol! I could never be better than him!"
"But she's right, you know. They sent me a cd that they secretly recorded during one of your practices. You are a true god of bass. Or should I say goddess," Re said from the couch, crossing his legs.
Daisuke finally turns from the window and takes long-legged strides across the floor and stops right in front of Akuro. She could feel his breath on her forehead. "You're right. She is different. I'll think about it. Now go. We need to practice a new song."

"Oh my god. I can't believe I let you guys take me to meet Hitokiri Kami! But, I'm glad you did..." Akuro gasped when they had gotten back outside. Her face was still bright red from her encounter with Daisuke.
"See, I knew you'd love it. Now what do you say we go get something to eat. I'm starved!"