Chapter 1 - Ookami

There was a new girl at Ketsune Academy for Girls. Gossip quickly spread about rumors from the girl's old school. They had heard that she was called "Ookami" and bullied everyone. This, of course, was not true. It was only other bullying this shy, anti-social girl. Her name was Tsubouchi Akuro. This is her story.

The sky was dark with rain clouds as Akuro was walking to school. Up ahead, a group of five other girls were talking. Akuro didn't want to be rude and tried to tune out of their conversation. But she could help but hear one of the girls say "What?! You're moving?! But then who'll play bass in Ren'ai?!" The girl who was apparently moving replied with "If there is a Ren'ai left. I formed it, remember. Once I'm gone, Aa, there may no longer be a band."
"But you just can't leave!"
"Hush, Aa," said another of the girls, glancing back at Akuro "You'll disturb Miss. Ookami's walk to school."
Akuro bowed her head and hurried past them, towards the school. But she was thinking about what those girls had been saying. Apparently, they had a band, and their bassist was moving. If they needed someone to play bass for them, she would be glad to do it for them. But she was too shy to ask them about it.

A few days later, fliers had been put up on the walls of Ketsune Academy. "Bassist needed." "Band looking for bass player." This was Akuro's chance. She had always wanted to play bass in a band, but never got the chance. No one had ever asked. So the Ookami showed up at the auditions. "Show us what you've got," said a girl whose uniform had been brightened. The girl had a bright atmosphere, what with a high-pitched voice and light hair streaked with pastel colors. Akuro nodded and took her bass out of its case. She plugged it into the amp provided and played a few chords before getting into a rhythm and playing a complicated yet beautiful melody. Her fingers moved elegantly across the frets. Her heart was in her music.
When she finished, all the girls clapped and one of them said "Ah, an ookami melody. It was beautiful. Aa, you're the vocalist, and your voice must go along with our playing. What do you think?"
The bright girl was the one who replied. "I loved it. You're in. Welcome to Ren'ai. I'm Anko, the vocalist."
A blond girl who looked American introduced herself next. "Manani."
"Call me Mina," grinned a girl whose hair was up in a traditional style.
"Mamori," said a tall girl in a somewhat deep voice.
Akuro bowed. "I thank you. My name is Akuro."
Anko grinned. "Since they call you Ookami, I think we should change the name of the band to Ookami Ren'ai. What d'ya think, girls?" The others nod, murmuring their agreement.
Akuro blushed and stammered, "B-but. I'm just the bassist."
Mamori stepped forward. "but you're replacing my cousin, Mikami, who created the band. So you should be the one to pick the name. But since we have been members longer, we get to decide. And we decided on Ookami Ren'ai."
"Exactly as Maa said. And, as you know, Aa is our vocalist, I play guitar, Maa is on keyboard, and Mina on drums," said Manani.
Anko nodded and turned to Akuro once again. "First practice is Wednesday. After school you'll walk home with us. We practice at my house."
Akuro nodded and put away her bass. "Once again, thank you," she said as she walked out of the room.

Once Akuro had left the room, Manani turned to Anko. "Do you think she can lead us to fame, unlike Mikami?"
"I do. This girl... I'd say she's even better than Re."
"Better than Re? But that's not possible! No one is better than my Re-kun!" Mina burst out.
"Except for this one. And having a girl named Ookami as part of our band could earn us a reputation and get rid of weak competitors. This'll be fun."

When Akuro got home, she went straight to her room and locked the door. She then turned to the bed and collapsed backwards onto it. "Wow, I'm finally having my wish granted! I'm finally playing bass in a real band. I wonder how far this will get me. I never heard them before, so I have no idea what it's going to be like." She rolled over onto her stomach and turned on the cd player sitting on the side table. The cd she had in it currently was the first cd of a new band, called Hitokiri Kami. She had fallen in love with their lead vocalist, Kinato Daisuke. He was so dreamy. Their bassist, whom they call Re because of his obsession with Egypt, was amazing. Akuro had chosen him as her idol, but had looked more to Daisuke. She hoped to one day meet them. Little did she know, she would do more than just meet them. And sooner than she thought.