This is my new world, it is full of things that will require to take one side or another.

I will put up different things that I have thought of for years and I'll finally put them up here. As usual you will be able to leave your thoughts in comments.

this world is still under construction

Suicide Squad vs. The Justice Leauge

Alright the first post of this world. It is over one of my oldest topics. Who would win in a fight the suicide squad or justice league if pitted against each other?

My money is on the suicide squad, for a few reasons, yes they are a team of super villains and anti-heroes for the most part, deadshot, deathstroke, shiva, etc. The justice league has this no kill policy. By that definition and their very nature they will send the SS members to jail. Where do you think the government recruits these people from, the eagle scouts. hell no, they recruit them from prison.

So all they send them to jail, the government posts their bail, and the suicide squad learns from their mistakes while the justice league have no idea that member just became a threat again.

Bottom line their is only one way that the justice league can win and that's give the suicide members a 6 foot dirt blanket, but they won't and the members of the suicide squad wouldn't give it a second thought.

Don't agree, state your point of view in the comments.