One hell of a (sexy!) butler!


This world is all about Black Butler! If you'd like to be added to this world, just send me a message! Enjoy!

Tote bag~

So, I got a new bag from amazon and I am so glad it came in. Now I wait for my plushie :3

Sexy Sebby!!!!!

OMG I find this pic of Sebby's so flipping sexy!!!!!!

Favorite Fan Picture

Well the title surely does explain the topic, though it's true. This is my favorite fan art piece. ^_^ Also I saw an edited version with words along the lines of "by your side for eternity." Which was a nice touch to it. ;D
Sadly I wasn't exactly the happiest person with the Kuroshitsuji II ending. I actually had mixed feelings, one part of me was similar to "OMG YES YES YES YESS!!!! SEBASTIAN AND CIEL ARE TOGETHER FOREVER!!" (obvious SebasCiel "fangirl" moment) and the other half of me was "Wtf just god damn happened... Sebastian now is stuck with a little 13 or 14 year old... is he gonna eat ever again? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ALOIS! He's stuck in Hannah's stomach... I'm so confused x_x " Yep... That was my feelings for sure. XD
Though I have heard that the manga is a lot better(which doesn't surprise me) I also own a couple volumes but haven't read on past them. Even though the manga doesn't have Alois in it ;A; (yes I like Alois...) I'm probably going to read that another time, later?
So yes enjoy the picture whether you support this couple or not, it can be seen in many different ways. ^_^

My Sebastian Cosplay!

Alright so, I've tried to post some of my cosplay here on the Otaku, though they keep denying it! >:U Which is un-fair. ;A; Cosplay should count as fan art too right? I mean unless they don't think photography is art?
So here are my best pictures. ^_^ (my icon/avatar is one of them)
Oh and btw.. I AM wearing clothes, I swear. XDD It's just the sleeves aren't on my arms.


I will cover this song once I get my new lappy!! :D