Hello there! If you read this far then to me your already awesome! Anyhur down to bizniz! I go by Saijinto,Yoseph,Dude,Awesome, Hey! or the last three going from right to left ;D I'm an artist and love drawing,so feel free to visit my Portfolio and hit me up with requests by sending a Pm!If you swing by my Guestbook I'll be sure to return the favor! Don't be shy to visit again, there's no bouncers that will stop you from comin back ;D

End of Summer!Otakuthon, school!Hrnnng!

Sorry i been M.I.A. the past week and a half! Just started school in my illustration program this thursday, so i was prepping for that(already have 14 drawings to do ahaha) and attended Otakuthon(anime convention in montreal)marking it as the first anime convention I ever been to!It was really great, i got to see the voice actor for mikasa from attack on titan, as well as meet an artist I follow on deviantart, Shilin http://shilin.deviantart.com/ , she was very kind!Anyway how was everyone elses summer?

I have returned!

I have returned! XD Sorry bout the longish absence(i has been stalking yous though <.</>.>)I been busy with packing and moving and unpacking these past two months that I haven't really been able to draw/ comment on your art/posts, and for that I'm tres sorry!I finally got to draw today!( which felt soooooo goood to do, but dayum I'm rusty XD)


ALright straigt to the chase! 2 weeks ago I did an entrance art exam, and while i was doing that, had my portfolio evaluated, and then compared with what i drawn(to show authenticity that i have the skill to back up what was portrayed in my portfolio) Anyway this mornin' I got a letter in the mail saying"Congratulations You've been accepted into the program!" I'm one out of 40 that made it in, out of the 1000 applicatants!:D

Tablet gained 350exp. learned pressure sensitivity

That moment when your tablet attains Super Saiyan 2 because you downloaded the missing drivers and finally activated it's ability to use pressure sensitivity for the first time since owning it...I've had it for 3 years, and didn't even see its final form yet XD It's like my tablet is new again, soo much to do and try now!:D

Sometimes we do crazy things!

Sooo yesterday I decided i'd be smart and make this my FB status at 10:00 at night

"I need gratuitous amounts of drawin' practicee sooo here's the deal, like this and i'll draw a sketch of ya ...I feel like i just sentenced myself to an artpocalypse"

...And I did sentence myself XD 15 ppl liked it, So far I've done 9, my sanity is goin. I'm not sure if imma post em all seperate or when im done to just make one collage to show ya guys!(or both? XD) So needless to say you guys will be gettin alot of art by me to look atXD