SO, for this world, I guess I'm mostly just

gonna be posting animated GIF's that I make, along with

the occasional, random, whatnot's...


Also, I'll be putting the GIF's on a second page

so they're not all trying to play at once(I know that

lags some PC's pretty badly)


These are pictures of the tree I was talking about HERE.. ^__^ (crappy cell phone pics)

External Image
And when I turn around, you see the outside of my room.. lol(the winds were blowing in my favor last night, that's for sure..)
External Image


Takoyaki!! ^__^ One Piece belongs to Oda!! ...

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So, it's been raining pretty good off, and on tonight, then about 30 minutes ago a tree right on the other side of our fence line, and about 10 ft from my window snapped off at the base, and fell into the neighbors yard. Its dark, but seeing the direction its laying, I can tell it didn't hit anything, but when I heard that thing snap, I just closed my eyes and waited, because if the wind had been blowing the exact opposite direction, my awesome new computer, and 32in TV would've been crushed, along with most of my room... O___O That was a little nerve wracking for the couple of seconds I wasn't sure, and loud as hell.

The funny part is, about 3 or 4 month's ago, the guy that owns that house was pointing out to me that the tree was dead, and tried to get me to go in half on the cost of paying someone to come cut it down, and haul it off.. He tried saying that even though it was on his side of the fence, it would obviously fall on my house because of the weight of the branches.. LOL

Samurai Luffy

Samurai Luffy!! ^__^ Scene from the Thriller Bark Arc...

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Akina vs. RedSuns

I'm just experimenting.. ^__^ Keisuke Takahashi i...

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