SO, for this world, I guess I'm mostly just

gonna be posting animated GIF's that I make, along with

the occasional, random, whatnot's...


Also, I'll be putting the GIF's on a second page

so they're not all trying to play at once(I know that

lags some PC's pretty badly)


External Image



PC dead

Well my pc died, and that sucks!! Now im gonna have to try getting my scanner to work on my mom pc so i can upload some new pics.. Ive got a couple pics Ive been working on, one of them is like 3ft,x2.5ft and its of Griffith and his hoarse, and the other one is 2.5ftx2ft and its of luffy and company playing cards and im trying my hand at using acrylic paint for the first time..i wont be able to post those till my sister opens the camera i got her for xmas heeheehee =)

pic i drew a long time ago



alright well im loading my computer into the car tonight so i guess i be back on when i get back to Arkansans.. everyone take care =)