SO, for this world, I guess I'm mostly just

gonna be posting animated GIF's that I make, along with

the occasional, random, whatnot's...


Also, I'll be putting the GIF's on a second page

so they're not all trying to play at once(I know that

lags some PC's pretty badly)


Caption battle has reached a new low... lol Oh, and here are a few GIF's I put together recently.. =) Luffy what? ...

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Initial D

This show is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!
To be honest I'm not really into racing at all or cars for that
matter, but even still I'm enjoying the hell outta this anime..

I guess the same could be said for sports, cause I am definitely
not a sports fan, but I always seem to enjoy sports anime's..

Anywho, here's an animated GIF I put together for Initial D!! ^_^

External Image

No-Life King

Had fun with this one, I edited, and re-sized each frame in photoshop.. I think I'm getting a little more efficient at putting these together.. ^_^ ...

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Hmmm, I wonder what Oda was thinking? lol =P I added a little extra spark to it, and I li...

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One Piece animated GIF's

Zoro in Alabasta. Strong World Zoro. ...

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