Original Fiction

That means, you can't borrow the characters in these stories unless you ask. They're seriously mine. Thanks. <3

A Matter of Years (Original Characters/Bound; Soshi Amori, Danielle/Hime Arai, Shogo Kimikura) Romance, Fluff, Satire

We Three Kings (Original Character/13 and Bound; Drew Astor, Brice Parker, Faye Hargil, Miranda Farron, Joy/ Josephine Farron, Yuriah Akiyama, Cassandra Astor, Crispin Akiyama, Soshi Amori, Danielle/ Hime Arai) Comedy, Biblical Re-telling

Three Years? (Original Character/ Bound, That One Exoricist thing I started working on when I wasn't supposed to; Buriel Amori, Kou Shishigami, Roy Cainbridge, Ume) Romance, Shinobi stuffs, Feels, Repentance

New Year's (Original Characters/Bound; Shogo Kimikura, Soshi Arai-Amori, Danielle/Hime Arai-Amori, Natsu Shimada, Isshin Amori, Chihiro Ichihara-Amori, Ume) Comedy, Romance, Shinobi stuffs

Dilly Bars (Original Character)

Dead End (Original Characters/Bound; Shogo Kimikura, Soshi Amori, Buriel Amori, Danielle/Hime Arai) Suspense, Thriller, Psychological, Alternate Universe. Warnings, THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST MESSED UP SHIT EVER but not in the history of ever

Yes, Your Majesty (Original Characters; James Lockheart, Adelia *insert last name here*, Edward Masterson, Silas Bane, Mavis *insert last name here* anybody else) Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Comedy. Warnings: Lime (almost smut kinda smut not really smut thing)

Of Closets and other Locked things Parts 1, 2

Any and all other characters in the stories on this list explicitly belong to me! If you want to use them, ask me, but you can't publish your work professionally! I worked hard on my babies!