[My sorry attempt at NaruSaku/SasuKarin fanfiction, for my Chero's birthday. Enjoy :P]

To Sakura Haruno, love was a fickle emotion.

Her emerald irises cast to the ground in thought. Why had such a thing been so important to her before? Sasuke Uchiha was gone- at least, in the figurative sense. She had known all along that if he returned (which he had, a few months before) that he would not love her as she loved him. She decided it was of no consequence; her team had been reunited and her "family" had grown, thanks to Yamato and Sai. New life goals were ripe for the picking. She wondered what she would dedicate herself to. Sure, being a medical nin was rewarding (and challenging) but she could always do better. She could aim higher. She could do more. Now that she didn't feel the need to "hang behind" Naruto and Sasuke, she felt like a hatch-ling leaving the nest; whatever she achieved now would be up to her. Love of course, was not in her plans at all.

To Naruto Uzumaki, love was a battlefield.

For years, he had admired her from afar, even while she gazed lovingly at Sasuke, ignoring him for the longest while- until Sasuke left, forcing her to see him. He vowed to make Sakura happy, even if it meant betraying his own heart and bringing Sasuke back (which he'd done, as per her wishes).

He clutched the edge of his windowsill, peeking out of it into the snow. He didn't mean to "spy" on her, but in her pink winter coat and hat, she seemed to be walking towards his home, which stirred excitement in his heart. It was the end of November and Christmas was rolling around the corner. Hopefully, she wanted to hang out with him for Christmas- even though it was more of a couple's holiday where he lived.

To Sasuke Uchiha, love was complicated.

He had more to say about it than one would think; he was still aloof (as he always had been) but he had become a bit more mature over the time he'd been away from Konoha. He was shoveling snow in front of his home when he noticed Sakura walking to Naruto's 'apartment' if one could call it that. He could even hear, he mused, the happiness in Naruto's voice because Sakura had come to the blonde's house, even if it was only to discipline him.

Admittedly, he didn't have much interest in how they progressed as a "couple"; they were two idiots, one who couldn't clearly see the other, and one who needed to see less.

"They belong together..." He muttered to himself, before he stopped, pausing as he lost his trail of thought. A faint glimpse of scarlet fringe in the far distance caused him to stop; in the next moment he was standing upright once more, his shovel propped in the dirty snow as if he were at a loss for what to do.

To Karin, love was pain.

She'd paid her price, sticking her neck out for someone she loved and he'd ended up stabbing her. An inch or so from her heart, the razor spear had been this close to ending her, no thanks to Sasuke. It was only by luck and her Uzumaki blood that she was still alive.

No, thanks to Sasuke.

Her long red hair was tied in a high ponytail, an Allied Shinobi Forces headband glistening from where it sat on her forehead as she sat in the dango shop, her hand reaching out for her green tea. She enjoyed her place on the Sensor Squad in Konohagakure, and she was good at her job. Staying single had done nothing but good things for her.

Karin...I need you.

Karin pushed up her glasses, closing her eyes as she headed to the Hokage's office for another mission. Well, Sasuke she thought, stomping in the snow,I don't need you.

A crow flew overhead. A-hoo...A-hoo...