The Nutcracker (Kufufu)

REQUEST FOR CHERO! Chero X Dino! I hope both of you like it, and if not, please tell me. XD I would like to improve. (It also may turn out very cheesy XD)
He was the best toy she'd ever had.

Chero inspected the Nutcracker with blonde hair and brown eyes. He was no doubt a very handsome nutcracker, but there were many peculiar details about him that Chero didn't know what to do with. Instead of a sword, he had a whip strapped to his hip, and he didn't have a beard like the other nutcrackers she'd seen. "Hmm.." She looked up. "Uncle Gin, where did you find him?"

Her uncle, a silver haired man with vivid blue eyes that could not be seen because he hardly opened them, only smiled, like he always did. "Oh, I've had him with me for quite some time. He's your present, my dear~<3 Your aunt Kira insisted upon it."

Chero nodded, silently thanking her aunt. Kira was awesome. In fact, in some ways, Kira was like god. (*SHOT*)

"There's also a story too it." Gin said, sitting down in a big armchair. "Do you want to hear it?"

The brunette nodded, sitting Indian style on the floor.

"A long time ago, there was an Italian man who protected his family from evil. However, he came upon a man named Mukuro, a tyrant who used magic- sometimes in illusions- who became the king of his land.

"The blonde boy was a talented fighter, but only under certain circumstances. He was absolutely hopeless when his family or friends weren't around."

"Hopeless?" Chero tilted her head.

"He was very clumsy. He had a whip as a weapon, and when he was alone, he often got tangled in it." Gin shrugged. "King Mukuro had a new partner; he was a baby named Verde, and he made Mukuro's illusions come to life and magnifyed his magic with a device that looked like a remote control." Chero could almost see it now...

The handsome blonde beefcake bishie stood in front of Mukuro's throne, his whip ready as he prepared the final blow. "Well, Mukuro, your evil reign will finally be coming to an end. Any last words?"

Mukuro smiled at the whip toting blonde. "I have words, but they won't be my last." He pulled out the device, something the blonde hadn't been expecting. "This makes illusions reality. Think you can handle it? Kufufu."

The blonde grinned. "You won't have the chance to use it, amico." And with that, his whip shot out at the device."

Gin paused. "There was one problem with this. The man didn't have his family around. They were six or seven floors below him, and they crossed into a room where he couldn't sense them, so when he tried to take the device from King Mukuro..."

"He got tangled in it instead." Chero finished, suppressing a giggle.

"Yep." He nodded, still smiling.

The evil king took aim at the blonde. "Let's see how you can defy me as a toy."

The blonde's eyes widened as he tried to free himself from his own whip, but alas! His own weapon was rebelling against him, and he tripped- epicly- as he tried to untangle himself, leaving him vulnerable to any attack. "Non capisco!" (I don't understand/I don't get it!) "Is it my shoes?!"

"And the rest is history." Her uncle looked up at the ceiling. "But...on Christmas, at midnight, the toys are said to come to life, and the Nutcracker is no exception. Of course, it's only been a year- I suppose- since he was changed. He may not even know he's a nutcracker."