Mocha in Wonderland- SSS

FOR MY SECRET SANTA PERSON 8D Hope you enjoy, Mocha.


And she fell down the rabbit hole...

It was strange really and also very ironic that Mocha would be the one who actually FELL down a very dark, very dirty hole that Mocha figured she had to be an idiot to think she could see in, but she managed to right herself and pull a light out of her hat. There was a tunnel in front of her, so she followed it until she was out in the light again. "There we go." The light went back into the hat and Mocha peeked out, looking at the blue sky. It was kind of weird to see a blue sky- especially if she'd really fallen down that hole where there is only dirt.

She peered around. "Hello?" The place seemed totally empty, which was bizarre because, again, this was outside in some sort of forest. "HELLO?!" D<

"I'm late...she'll have my head..."

A very smooth voice entered Mocha's ears as the one who owned it ran past her. Mocha blinked a few times as she took in a six-foot man with rabbit ears and silver hair that raced past her, who paused, glance back, and take her hand and kiss it. "You are a very lovely lady. What brings you to Wonderland?"

Mocha couldn't help but blush, though she ended up snatching her hand away. "I fell. Down a hole."

"Ah..." He smiled. "My name is Alphaeus. I believe the queen will be able to help you, and I am on my way to meet her. Would you like to come with me?"


"Um..sure? I'm...Mocha."


"We have to pass through the Hatter's Tea party before may be dangerous. The Hatters are mad, you know."

Mocha stared at him. "Do you I look scared?"

The silverette bunny-man blinked. ""

"Exactly. Let's go."

The Hatters were not what Mocha expected.

First of all, "THE HATTER" was only one person. She wore a very big pink hat that had the numbers "106/16" on it, and she was obsessed with bishies and tea. Second, "the hatters" as a group consisted of another girl with rabbit ears ("I'M A HARE!" She'd exclaimed.) who seemed to adore men with stubble, a girl who had ears like a mouse ("Boyfriends are overrated," she said, snoring as she went back into the teacup.), and a cat-girl wearing all purple ("I'M A NEKO!" She said.)

Mocha didn't want to sit down with the group of hoo-has. " the hatter group?"

Alphaeus tugged on one of his rabbit ears. "Well, the cat, I believe, is not supposed to be there...but yes. This is them."

Mocha covered her face. "I'm more afraid of them blowing something up than hurting us."

"That's the point...."

"I'm bored..." The neko said, pouting. "I'll see you guys later. Hatter-chan, I'll bring you more Kanda, Hayato, and Sasuke pics later if you keep bringing the catnip."

"Ja ne, Cheshire cat-chan!" The pink hatted woman exclaimed, downing more tea. "Ohhh I love those young men with long hair. They make me all tiiiiiiiignly." She vibrated when she said tingly, "Inside!"

Alphaeus scooted a little further away. He may not have had long hair, but he was still considered a bishie. "Miss Hatter, we would like to know if you would grant us passage through your forest."

"Absotively posilutely not!" She answered, raising her tea cup. "Not unless you have tea with me!"

Mocha sat down and took a cup. "Then gimmie tea!"

Alphaeus admired the spunk Mocha had and sat down beside her. "I'll take some too, as always, Miss Hatter."

"Full cup or half a cup?"

"...half." Mocha answered. She just wanted to go home.

"Alright!" The Hatter poured her a full cup of tea and then she pulled out an axe. "STAND CLEAR!" With the axe, she chopped the cup in half- longways.

Mocha's eyes bugged out. "NOW THERE'S NO MORE TEA!"

Alphaeus blinked, tapping on Mocha's shoulder. "Miss...there is still tea."

Mocha looked at the cup, realizing that the tea in half of the cup was still in it- longways. "....." She decided not to question it and she started drinking.

"Passage granted! No more tea! If you get lost find the Cheshire Cat and the next time I see you, I want a bishie!" She tipped her hat as they ran out of the forest, towards the queen's castle. Little did they know, the Hatter had other plans of her own.

She glanced at those at her table. "Jen-Hare, will you do us the honors?"

The March Hare sighed and opened up a portal. "TADA. This better be worth it Hatter-sama."

"It will be." She said, her eyes sparkling.