Let's Gather 'Round the Campfire...

“Why are we doing this again?”

It was Halloween night, and the boys were gathered in a circle in a tent. Ven, Terra, Naruto, Itachi, Shizuo and Sasuke were cold, hungry, and a little tired after their day of “adventure” which unfortunately featured bears and an Izaya cameo, sending Shizuo into a frenzy, causing him to throw anything he could find- which happened to be Naruto at the time. The little fox was somewhat fed up now, but he wanted to keep everyone in good spirits because hey, this was bonding time! It was raining outside, so the giant tent was a great shelter from the storm for the six boys who were fed up with Mother Nature.

“Hey, how about we go around telling scary stories?” Naruto suggested. “That way we can forget about what we don't have and focus on pissing our pants.”

“Who the hell likes pissing their pants?” Sasuke glared at his best friend, his head resting on his palm. “This is stupid...we should just head home.” He was really embarrassed by the fact that even though they were all kickass in their own rights, they couldn't survive a couple of bears and Izaya for one day.

“I just asked why we were doing this...” Terra repeated. “I'm not sure we were supposed to be out here when everything out here is majorly PO'd at any human who crosses its path.”

“I just thought it would be fun! COME ON, it's not that bad.” Naruto protested.

“I agree with Naruto.” Itachi spoke up, glancing around the circle. “We should be a little more optimistic about this...none of us have been killed off yet...”

Sasuke, Naruto and Ven gave Itachi wide eyed looks. “Yet?!”

“Very optimistic, Nii-san...”

“Wow Itachi.”

“...I'm scared.” >_>;;; Poor Ven...

“WELL, I'm going to start telling a story anyway! And you know what else?” He raised his voice, “YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE IT. SO SHADDUP AND LISTEN.”
Naruto gave everyone a fox grin as he started his story.

“Okay….so there was this one kid, who wanted to be the PWESOMEST guy in the world. He kept telling everyone that he’d do ANYTHING to get that power, no matter what it took. So…he went traveling for that power…and he found this castle. It was dark and scary and all that…creepy too. There was a full moon…and he just walked into the castle and everything…

‘Yo! Anybody here?’ He couldn’t find anybody in the house, so he started wandering around it. So this other guy, this creepy guy, comes out of the shadows and asks, ‘Do you really want ultimate power?’



‘So that I can exact revenge on the people that wronged me.’” Naruto paused.
Sasuke narrowed his eyes slightly. This story seemed awfully familiar…

“So the creepy guy agreed. All he had to do was give him something in return.”

“What did he give?” Terra spoke up because everyone else listened in rapt attention.

“That’s what he asked. ‘What do I have to give?’ The man didn’t answer. All he said was, ‘It’s my choice what to take from you.’

‘It won’t be my life, will it?’ He asked.

‘No. I’m not that cruel.’ The creepy guy said.

So the kid receives the most awesome powers in the world. ‘Alright, what do I have to give up?’

And the man looked at him and said, ‘You can keep all the power in the world in exchange for something you have taken for granted for years, and will mourn its loss for the rest of your life.’

‘Do I need it to live?’


So the boy agreed…until he realized the whole room had become still. Suddenly everything went black and there was a scream; the kid covered his face and the creepy guy shook his head at him and walked away with his prize.’

“….what did he take?” Ven peeked out from underneath a blanket.

“He took…” Naruto shined a flashlight on his face, revealing the fact that he had no eyes, and where his eyes had been there were only two black sockets, dripping with blood, “HIS EYESSSSSS!”

Sasuke and Itachi let out startled yelps, only to cover their mouths in unison.

“AHAHAHA! I GOT YOU TWO SOOO GOOD!” Naruto cracked up, pulling off his mask.

“DOOOOOBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Sasuke started kicking Naruto. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I think I’m going to be sick…” Itachi covered his face. It was too much for him…


Everyone turned to the blonde who was smoking inside of the tent. “Lame, lame, lame, lame, LAME.” Shizuo Heiwajima rolled his eyes. “I’ve heard better stories from my grandma and she’s dead. You must be some sissy asses to actually get scared by it.”

All of the boys fell silent. A couple of them looked embarrassed, but Naruto glared at the other blonde in the tent. “What, you got somethin’ better?”

“No. Just wanted to point out how shitty it was.” Shizuo sat back and continued to smoke.

Naruto just about strangled him. He’d already thrown him, now he smoked in a SMALL PLACE and told him his story sucked. JERK! “So, who’s next?” He said this a bit bitterly because he was a little pissed off.

“I’ll go.” Terra raised his hand. “I’ll warn you guys though. Anyone not like zombies?”

Everyone raised their hands. Itachi raised two. “Sweet. I’ll get started then.”

“Okay, so a long time ago, darkness consumed the worlds. Creatures without hearts or minds- zombies- and sometimes they were just hearts gone black started appearing all over the planet. There were these teenagers who were out Trick-Or-Treating and they didn’t know anything about the catastrophe. In their town, nothing terrible happened. Basically, they were sheltered. They were in pairs- six of them- in a boy-girl-boy-girl fashion.”

“Wait,” Sasuke asked, “If they’re teenagers, why are they Trick- or -Treating?”

“THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!” Naruto and Ven shouted simultaneously and then the two blushed, looking embarrassed. “Um...what he said.”

“Anyway.” Terra shook his head, “Now that we cleared up they can still trick or treat, they passed a haunted house. The first and second pairs agreed to go in. The third decided to wait outside.

“The guy in the first pair noticed that the haunted house was strangely authentic. His partner- who happened to be his girlfriend- liked scary stuff, but he didn’t. They went in and out of rooms, screaming when they thought they should, but they realized it was really corny.

‘Do we have to stay? This is lame.’ He peeked around corners of the building, but his girlfriend shook her head.

‘There has to be something supernatural or awesome in here.’ So she kind of ignored him, walking around with her camera.

‘Maddy, there’s no guarantee there’s anything worth seeing here.’ He said, but he paused, taking a few steps back. ‘Maddy?’

He’d lost her.

"Of course, he stared searching for his girlfriend. After a while he started to get worried.

‘Maddy?’ No answer.”

“Did he find her?” Naruto leaned forward, interested.

“Yeah.” Terra smiled a little, then he lowered his voice, “But she was face-
down on the cemented floor of the haunted house.

“Of course, he tried to wake her up because she seemed unconscious. At first he thought of shaking her, but then she moved. ‘Maddy?’ So he leaned closer and…” All of the guys- with the exception of Shizuo- leaned forward anxiously, “SCREEEEEE!”

Everyone jumped, but after the momentum was reached, the boys groaned and Ven covered his eyes. “That wasn’t funny, Terra.” The brunette was cracking up as Ven said this and tears glistened in his eyes.

“So…so…” Terra stuttered, still laughing, “He turns into a zombie and so does everyone else. The end.” He rolled his eyes. “I’m not really into stories.”

“Yeah, well yours sucked.” Sasuke glared at him. “Even I could make one better than that…”

“Anyone can.” Terra shrugged. “But I’m curious. Why don’t you tell us one?”

The younger Uchiha shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t like telling stories either…”

“What,” Naruto grinned, “Are you too chicken to tell one?”

Sasuke glared at the blonde. “Shut up, dobe. Fine. I’ll go.” He took a deep breath and started his story.