Team Taka Goes to Wal-Mart

This has taken me FOREVER to type DX Enjoy <3

Choosing from three people should not be especially hard.

The very thought upset and irritated Sasuke as he considered which of Team Taka would be accompanying him to get groceries.

Karin was out of the question. She was barely coherent when Sasuke was spoken of , let alone when he was standing beside her. -_-; He crossed her off in his head.

Jugo was quiet and strong, but a bit absentminded. While he could help carry groceries, he would likely get lost, panic and ultimately kill people. Too much of a pain…so that only left…Suigetsu. -__- Great…


The swordsman’s head jerked up.“Hm?”

“We’re going to the store. Now.”

“What an attitude…” Suigetsu rolled his eyes, but Sasuke’s glare persuaded Suigetsu to follow him.

The automatic doors to Wal-Mart opened, letting Sasuke and Suigetsu step inside. Almost immediately, Sasuke started picking out fruits.

Suigetsu stared at the list. “Yo, Sasuke-chan. Tampons are on this list….”

It took all Sasuke’s strength not to beat Suigetsu for calling him “-chan” but he answered, “Your point is….?”

“I don’t know where they are….” Suigetsu shrugged.

“And I should?” Sasuke rolled his eyes, sarcastic.

“Well, you ARE the most feminine of the group.”

A vein appeared on Sasuke’s head as he narrowed his eyes at Suigetsu. “Whatever…”

“Are you done yet? We still have to get the meat and water.” Suigetsu grinned, Sasuke glaring at him in a way that screamed, “You’re a prick.”

“Go get it yourself…you’re supposed to be helping…” He wished he could strangle the water imp with the tomato he was holding, but alas, it was impossible. Maybe Karin WOULD have been a better choice…

“Fine, fine….don’t get your panties in a bunch..” Suigetsu smirked, sipping from his water bottle.