The Death of Uchiha Shisui

Sasuke flashback one shot. Enjoy.

“Uchiha Itachi!”

The smile on my brothers’ face faded. I tilted my head. “Huh?” Three Uchiha from father’s police force…

“Sasuke…go inside.” Nii-san didn’t look at me when he spoke, but it was clear that I needed to go somewhere safe. I didn’t understand, but I wanted to, so I just sat there, blinking. “…..” I didn’t want to miss anything.

“Sasuke. I said to go inside.” This time it was a warning, sounding almost like dad. Tsk. I hated that about my brother. Just because he was older…but I complied, standing from my spot on the porch and walking inside.

Being the curious kid I was, I eavesdropped just a little. Pressing my ear to the door, I waited.

“Uchiha Shisui is dead,” My heart caught in my throat. Shisui Nii-san was dead? I bit my lip. Who could’ve…

The silence that came after that scared me. It was almost as if no one knew what to say or do, but I knew Itachi looked sad.. Shisui had been his close friend, close enough to our family for me to call him nii-san…though he always did that annoying gesture, messing up my hair. It still didn’t explain why they were here…what would Itachi have to do with this...?

The flitting and crumpling of paper was the next sound I heard. “We found a suicide note written in his handwriting. Know anything about it?”

I narrowed my eight year old eyes. They were accusing my brother..and not just of anything, they accused him murdering his own friend? Tsk. How dare they…

“No.” His emotionless voice scared me for some reason. It was almost like he’d known they were coming to confront him. Like he knew this would happen.
I remember shunning this though completely, but something made me feel uncomfortable. They were quiet for such a long time…what were they doing? It wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t I see?

“Really? You were the closest to Uchiha Shisui, weren’t you?” Someone shifted their weight. Dammit. I wanted so badly to see…I knew I was risking it, but I cracked the door open a little wider, slowly.

I could’ve sworn Itachi glanced at the door as I started opening it, but when I looked back, his attention was back on the three Jonin. He didn’t look phased at all.

“What are you implying?” He turned the paper over in his hand as if it were extremely uninteresting. It seemed a little off to me, but again, I shunned it. Big brother would never-

“Don’t screw with us Itachi. Anyone with the Sharingan could have copied Shisui’s handwriting and forged a suicide note.”

I swallowed a little, worried for Itachi. The Sharingan could have copied it..but that didn’t mean Itachi-

“Anyone with the Sharingan…” I waited, still listening, and then Nii-san spoke again. “If anyone could have done it…”

“Why come for you? You have no alibi, am I right?”

“Yet there is no proof.” Something in Nii-san’s voice sounded sad, like he knew they wouldn’t arrest him…but that didn’t make sense. It only scared me more...mostly because I didn’t understand.

“WHAT USE IS IT? Admit you did it and we’ll go easy on you Itachi. Do it for the clan.” The first one looked like he was crossing his arms from where I stood, obviously the ringleader.

Something in my brother seemed to snap. “For the clan….” His voice was no louder than a pin drop. “This clan…does nothing but add gas to the fire called war...”

The way he said it shook me a little. I’d never seen Itachi angry, especially not at me, but he looked beyond that. It was almost like he wasn’t my big brother anymore…

“We are a cursed clan…and turning on our own- whether me to Shisui, or you three to me- shows where we stand as a so called ‘family’.” He continued.

I squinted. What? What did he mean? Did he mean that he’d killed Shisui?!

“So you hate the clan.” The accusatory voice like the hissing of a poisonous snake would later remind me of Orochimaru. “Is that what this is all about Itachi? If it is, going against your own father’s three elite will be the end of you…”

I noticed in horror that no one was nearby but me, some useless ninja-in-training, and I wasn’t sure of what to be more afraid of; seeing my brother get beaten to a bloody pulp, or watching him win against all three,
by a landslide.

“Hate…is a strong word… though I wonder why it is the foundation of our clan.” His eyes flashed, showing off his Sharingan a bit. “I have no grudge against the clan...but I do not approve of what we’ve done.”

“You have no right to question authority, Itachi…” The tallest jonin, the same height as father, narrowed his eyes at my brother, who didn’t say anything in return.

I could almost smell the tension in the air…nothing scared me more than knowing some sort of fight would break out, that all hell would break loose…

“We’ll let you go for now, Itachi…” They were threatening him. Tsk. As if they’d ever lay a finger on Uchiha Fugaku’s son…

“Let me go…” Nii-san sounded quiet again, and all three jonin met him with their own Sharingan. My brother didn’t flinch. In fact, he looked more like he was going to-

“Nii-san!” I pushed open the door, pleading, though I knew I’d probably just get hurt.

The jonin looked at me like I was just some dumb kid- which I was- and Itachi paused, looking at me. Footsteps stopped behind me though, and his eyes wandered onto mom.

“Itachi!” She probably looked a little frightened too, because he let his shoulders drop, then he fell to his knees, bowing before the Jonin.

“…forgive me for my outburst.” It was almost as if he meant what he said, but at the same time...he didn’t.

They watched him for a few moments, debating on whether to arrest him or not, but in the end they simply nodded as if none of the previous events had taken place.

The last thing my brother said to me that day haunted me for the rest of my life.

“…it’s alright, Sasuke.” He’d given me a smile. “I promise something will be done. I’ll be alright.”

And he’d poked my forehead.

I almost wish Itachi killed me along with the rest, but he didn’t, and there’s no use dwelling on it…and I wonder…if he thought I could be stronger than the hate he selfishly forced onto me.

I wish I’d found out before I killed him.

“Onward to Konoha, Sasuke.” Uchiha Madara’s voice is so annoying…

“…..” I didn’t answer at first, taking a moment to swallow my regret, pulling up my Akatsuki cloak.

“…onward…to Konoha.”

Sorry to disappoint, Nii-san.