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A Matter of Years

This was actually the last essay I had to write for the school year. It was an argumentative essay, so you should probably be able to tell what topic I picked! My OCs, Soshi and Hime, are featured in this. I hope you enjoy it! *************...

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The Adventures of Two Gutsy Ninja

Minato should not have trusted his sensei. Sure, Jiraiya was one of the three Sannin (and also pretty popular with the ladies) but a young Minato Namikaze couldn’t shake the feeling that his first day of “Apprentice training&rd...

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We Three Kings

This is a short story; my own "True Meaning of Christmas". My OCs are involved, but I hope the real story shines through, as I intended. There may be some minor cursing and a dirty joke or two involved but...yeah. XD Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!...

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The Nutcracker (Kufufu)

REQUEST FOR CHERO! Chero X Dino! I hope both of you like it, and if not, please tell me. XD I would like to improve. (It also may turn out very cheesy XD) **************** He was the best toy she'd ever had. Chero inspected the ...

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'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Rhymes courtesy of Chero and myself. <3 ************* 'Twas the night before Christmas and none were in sight Save a vampire named Kaname, a creature of the night The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,...

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