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Of Closets and Other Locked Things

This was actually written for class, with a character I'd been itching to work with. There are parts connected to this "stand alone" piece, but this may give a bit of background for more than 3 other parts. I hope you enjoy. ***** &...

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Yes, Your Majesty

A little something I started a while back. It isn't finished, like a few of the things I'm putting on here now, but I hope you enjoy it. ******************* I am here because of me, and I have no one else to blame for it. I could say...

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Dead End

This is an AU for Bound; a WhatIf!AU so to speak. What if my characters never reached the place they needed for development? What if they completely missed it, rejected it, or turned away from it, and fell into depravity instead? I k...

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My Turn! Character Flaws!

123 Flaws list for charcters I've developed 8D But only the main characters So, I'm doing them as follows: Danielle/Hime Arai Soshi Amori Buriel Amori Shogo Kimikura Hime/ Danielle Arai Absent-minded ...

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Dilly Bars

This is from a while back. I still like how it turned out. Enjoy! Splash, dip, swish, crinkle, bag, smile. Take change. Hand merchandise. Have a nice day. Repeat. Dee wasn’t going to complain. A job was a job, and it...

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