Realistic Wolf Roleplay ENTRIES REQUIRED

Hello. This is a realistic wolf pack roleplay meaning no wolves with wings, powers, or anything of that category. The rules:
1) Please follow all rules. (keep it pg-pg13 if you can)
2) Have fun and be creative.
3) Be literate (post no less than 2 senteces)

Wolf Ranks-
Alpha , Sub-alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Gnaw


Name: (A creative name of your choice)
Age: (not older than 15)
Appearence: (Full discription of wolf; fur color, eyes, distict markings, etc)
Personality: (Please try not to make your wolf really soft or pathetic)
Other: (Other stuff about your wolf i should know to make the rp fun)
Rank: (Cannot change. Once you are the rank you are, it cant change)