In this world I'll be posting images of all my paintings! Please post comments letting me know what you think about them. The good and the bad! Also let me know how I can improve!!! Please!

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Color Chaos 2

This is the painting that I had done to substitue the ther one but in the end didn't really need. I'm glad I did it anyways! It was a lot of fun. I think I like the eyes in this one better. Most people that I've shown both of them have actually li...

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Wall art

Hi everyone! This world will mostly be about my artwork using acrylics and oil paints. For starters I want to show you all something that I did a very long time ago, back when my room was purple. Now it's a weird color. Yet a more refreshing color. So yeah the art on the picture is completely gone now which is sad! But good. Because I really needed to remodel.

I did this painting on my world, thinking of it as a portal to another world. I love the sky and I've always wished wings would spring from my back and I could fly. I have an overactive imagination. Sorry if you think I'm crazy. Plus I did this because I love balloons!

This was done in acrylics. The wall is made with concrete. For some reason the wall looks pink on the picture but it was purple. Post comments if you wish! I'll be posting more art so keep coming back to my world! Everyone's invited.