Music is My Life

This is a story about my OC Vocaloid Hana Yukine. Thanks to everyone who has read it ^^

Chapter 1

Hana Yukine. My first name is spelled with the kanji for flower, while my last is spelled with the kanji for snow and sound. At first I didn't understand why I was given such a name. I asked Father, my Creator, to tell me what it really meant. He just smiled.

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As a Vocaloid, my job is to sing. When I first awoke in that swirling, starry room, I was overwelled with fear. I was so naive and helpless at the time. I didn't even know my own name.

"Where am I? How did I get here?" I whispered.

I wasn't greeted by my Creator. Oh no, that came much later. Rather, I was greeted by a girl with long, soft sea green piggy tails and a fair porcelain face. She had a headset with a microphone and an outfit that much resembled a schoolgirl's uniform. Her voice was high, but not near as high as the girl that followed her.

"Hello Hana-chan. My name is Hatsune Miku, and this is Rin Kagamine," she giggled, pointing to a yellow haired girl, "I would introduce you to the others, but seeing as you aren't properly dressed yet, it might be a better idea to wait."

My whole face flushed red. This... is embarrassing. I pushed myself off the floor, and the yellow-headed one -Rin was it?- handed me an outfit. As I unfolded it, I realized how different it was from the others. It had a skirt and shirt like Hatsune's, but the accessories were customized. The tie was purple, and the vest was also purple with 2 belts on each sleeve. I had a pair of ankle boots, but they were covered by thigh-high socks that flared out at the bottom (much like cutoff pants I believe). Hatsune walked to the other side of the room and flipped a switch. I was then surrounded with endless amounts of mirrors. I gazed into them with surprise, shocked at the vast ocean of reflection. It was there that I noticed my plum colored hair and violet eyes.

"Here," Rin said, handing me 2 hairclips, "put these in. As well, here is your headset."

I took them meekly and placed the headset on my head. It fit snuggly, I had to admit. There was a clicking as the hairclips clipped into my hair. I was officially dressed.

"Now," Hatsune announced, gesturing me to her side, "let me explain your situation."

Situation...? What am I, a prisoner? I followed Rin to the other end of the room and stood beside Hatsune. She was slightly taller than me.

"Your name is Hana Yukine. You are the 4th installment in the Vocaloid 2 series. You, me, Rin, we can all sing. Although your data has yet to be inputted, you will be able to sing almost any song in the world. As Vocaloids, singing is our lives."

I was confused. Vo-ca-loid? Data? So... I'm not real? I'm not human? I'm... a humanoid computer?

"I don't understand," I spoke.

Rin rolled her eyes at me. "Is it really that difficult to get? Geez."

Hatsune shot a warning glance at Rin and then smiled. "It's alright Hana-chan. It's hard at first, but before long you'll feel right at home."

I shook my head, "Thank you Miku-san, but that's not what I meant. I'm not real, am I?"

Her eyes grew wide. She knew what I was getting at, and I could tell she didn't want to start with it. But I wanted to know, I needed to know. I wouldn't let the topic go so easily.

"Well, you are most definitely real Hana-chan. You are living in this world with all of us, so you are real. But... not human. As Vocaloids, we do not age. We can break, we can lose our data, but we can never actually "die". Not in the human sense, at least."

Rin was bored. She began to tap her foot on the floor, creating an echo. The mirrors were still around me, and they made me feel smaller and smaller by the second. That girl was so ignorant.

"Look Hana-chan, let's talk about this later alright? I want you to meet the rest of the Vocaloids. I think we'll all be great friends," she chimed, skipping to the door of the room. I had no idea how she could find it in the barrage of reflection.

It opened it with a pop. I peeped through the opening, and was shocked with the sight in front of me.

To be continued in Chapter 2...