Naruto quietly opened the door to his home. He slipped inside, and went immediately to his bedroom.

"Euggghhh... What a day. I can't believe how cold hearted Sakura can be," he sighed to himself, as he sprawled out on his lumpy mattress.

A strange beep came from across the room, repeating and repeating. For a while, Naruto ignored it and just stared at the ceiling, replaying the day's events. When he could stand it no longer, he sat up and scanned the room to find where the annoying sound was coming from. Rolling his eyes, he reluctantly pushed himself from the bed and trudged over to his shiny computer.

I got to remember to turn that thing off once in a while. He slid into a chair, and let the screen blink to life. For a while it was unresponsive, but soon the large desktop wallpaper and tiny icons appeared on the transparent glass. With his mouse, he searched for the source of the noise. Finally, a small mail icon appeared on the corner of the screen, flashing in rhythm with the beep. It was sure to cause seizures.

"What in the world...?" He pondered, as a new window popped open and a chain letter faded in. Chain mail? Since when do I get chain mail?

With a shrug, he began to read it.


This really works! Try it!

On your keyboard, type out your name.
Then, out loud, name 7 of your closest friends.
Place your hand on the screen of your computer, and make a wish!
At 12 midnight, the name of your crush will appear, and your wish will come true!

If you don't send this to everyone on your contact list within the next 45 minutes, you will be greeted with an unwanted visitor.

Naruto laughed. He laughed so hard that he fell on the floor, clutching his stomach and rolling on the carpet. This was the most ludicrous email he had ever received!

After 20 minutes of non-stop chuckling, he pulled himself together and sat back on the chair. It was a bunch of nonsense he knew, but inside he REALLY wanted to try it. Maybe to prove it wrong, or perhaps to prove something else...?

He did all the instructions correctly. At 9, he set his frog alarm for 11:45, and drifted into a dreamless sleep.


There was that beeping noise again. Naruto rolled over, still half asleep, and smacked the button of his clock. He really did regret setting it for such a silly message, but his curiosity was getting the best of him. He dragged his jello-y body over to the computer and opened his email.

The screen was bright, really bright. He cringed at the light and waited patiently for his eyes to adjust. He browsed the internet as he anticipated 12 am. Before he knew it, a new mail message had been sent to his inbox. Naruto didn't understand why, but he excitedly opened the message without even reading the title. He was disappointed to find it was exactly the same as his last chain mail.

I should have know. Chain mail is such a waste of time.

In disappointment, he exited his browser and curled up in his sheets. His hopes were so high, and then they were so easily crushed. He knew, even though he wouldn't admit it aloud, his wish would never come true. Magic was his only chance now.

As Naruto snored, his screensaver began to appear. If only he had been awake, if only he had been patient, he may have had a chance to see his wish come true.

Your crush is Hinata Hyuuga.
Sasuke will only come back if you stop doubting yourself.

That screensaver never came again.