Devil's Cage

This story is part of a much larger story of mine. I created this one to give a little bit of background information on the character Clyde, who makes quite a few appearances but doesn't get to say much about his history or true feelings in the main story. You may also notice how bipolar he is, which is completely on purpose! I hope this in enjoyable, nonetheless. Thanks for reading <3


I used to be human once.

As I sat at the edge of the ruins, air noxious, I still remembered the smell of freshly fallen rain and the touch of gentle snow upon my skin. However, that day, like every day, the only thing to be seen trickling from the sky was ash; the only odour to be sniffed was of smoke and sulfur. Those peaceful worldly things did not exist in the place I was now forced to call “home.”

I stared at my hands. They were quite large; my fingers thin, my nails long. The pigment in my skin seemed to had almost vanished, leaving behind nothing but a sickly pale white. These hands previously did wonderful things, too. Strong, they would help those in need of assistance. Creative, they would produce beautiful works of art and music. When was the last time I held my violin? I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up anymore. Only saddened songs of death and misery would be composed; those suited for funerals. The emotion I used to feel was erased as a price for the sins committed in my previous life. My existence was that of an empty shell, created only to do the bidding of another.

There was one secret I kept to myself. I shut my eyes and turned away from the leftovers of destruction to face a glowing red light. The shadows danced around me, changing from deep oranges to bright yellows, then even to a purple black. I peered into the fire, used to the brightness, and allowed myself to be lost for a fraction of a second. The light was supposed to draw people in. It was supposed to make them feel safe. Whenever I stared into the blaze, I was filled with memories of fear, sadness, pain...

Behind my eyelids, her golden hair blew gently in the summer wind. I reached for the ribbon of her dress, but like everything else I had possessed, it slipped away. I watched her with utmost curiosity as she’d laugh at the simple things, or make comments about the shapes of clouds. On the outside, she was an attractive seventeen year old girl. On the inside, her heart was light and childish, naive, unaware. Upon the glass of her emerald green eyes, I could see the reflection of my own soul. At the time I was a tamed animal, like a house pet, and took everything I had for granted.

The image morphed to my dismay. She was still the blonde haired girl. She wore the same dress (my personal favourite I insisted looked good on her even though she thought otherwise), the ends of the bow dancing freely in the breeze. As she did in all the memories I recalled, she’d stop and turn my way. My heart clenched at the hateful expression on her face, the accusing look in her eyes, the way she’d restrain herself from lunging at me. That smile I had loved so dearly in happier times was gone. To fill its place was loathing and disgust, my best and worst friends. And then my blood would boil when he appeared behind me. Her face would soften. The hint of a grin would find its way to her lips. He ran up to her, and they stood side by side, as if companions. The jealousy seeped through my veins and out of my skin, threatening to attack at any given moment. I wanted to drown the bastard in his own blood, rip his throat and heart out, then feed the leftovers to the Hell Hounds. Oh yes, how I desired the sweet taste of such a victory.

I stopped myself from recalling anymore.

“Why does it always come down to the same thing?” I muttered bitterly. She relied on him now the way she once relied on me. Fate tore us apart, and brought them together. How unfair. Was I the one born to be evil, and doomed to the confinement of Hell for eternity? Predetermined, was it? The only thing keeping me sane was knowing she was still breathing, even as my enemy; as an angel.

My feet automatically found their way back to the edge of the ruins, where I made myself comfortable for nearly the tenth time that morning. I chuckled quietly. For her seventeenth birthday I played her a song on my violin, one written just for her. While I let the notes encircle her, she was too infatuated with the beautiful, vibrant melody to notice me shuffling. Somehow, something came over me and compelled me forward. My arms wrapped around her fragile body and kissed her with a deep and longing passion. I’d known her for over 11 years and acted as her guardian in times of need. I had the desire as she grew up to be more than that.

“Cl-Clyde...” She said my name with shock.

“Elise,” I whispered upon her lips. I could feel the heat from her cheeks radiating onto my own. It was cute. Then, she pulled me down and kissed me instead.

Yes, she was breathing, especially in my mind. I wished she would kiss me the same she had before she died, but it was far too late. She only felt hatred towards me now, and it was my fault for not making her understand. Her wings, the pure white ones she obtained upon entering Heaven, were an obvious contrast to my broken, almost featherless pair. Elise transformed into a stunning princess, while I was faced with the reality of a beast. The wild animal inside of me thirsted for the blood of my foes, and she would cleanse people of their misery. She built, I destroyed.

I fell onto my back with a painful thud. It would not have been you... I ignored the stinging in my spine and instead gaped up at the never ending black abyss just above my head. Stars could not shine in such a place. The sun did not warm through the thick blanket of evil. I wanted so badly to be freed from the thorny cage I was enclosed in, even if I was rightfully locked in. If I had the choice... No choices. No liberty. Just suffering. That was my actuality.

Clyde. I didn’t want my name anymore either. What good was such a privilege if there was no one to call you by it? It was a burden to carry around day by day.


My head barely turned, but my eyes narrowed slightly. “What do you want?”
“The angel; I know where she is,” the demon cooed, sounding annoyingly pleased with himself.

I showed no interest in the matter for the sake of discouraging the thing from begging for praise. “You want a medal or something?” I forced myself to look back down at my feet.

It stepped towards me, catching a bit of my hair. I noticed the ebony strands on its feet, and it angered me for some reason, so I knocked it down to the ground. I stood, my boot digging mercilessly into its flesh. “My hair...” I ran my fingers through silky locks smoothly, then glared back upon the creature. Its eyes trembled with fear as my lips curled into a twisted smile. “I don’t enjoy being stepped on. How about I step on you, instead?”

The sound of its insides being crushed under my feet felt, to say the least, relieving. The lowly demon didn’t even have time to scream before its guts were splattered across the rock textured ground. I glowered above it, the temporary thrill of slaughter rapidly wearing off.

“Such a waste of air.”

Was it stupid? I already knew where Elise was, and what she was planning to do. Before I knew it, I kicked what was left of the creature into the depths of the ruins, and didn’t bother cleaning up the rest. No one would dare question me in the end.

I wasn’t like any of the other pathetic beings. They were completely hollow of all feelings they ever had, and their repulsive deformations proved it. Me, I managed to keep my human form with a few flaws. Some of them whispered I was the most insane of all beings, but what did they know? All of those demons met terrible ends, and I was still here. I was still fighting. Still an instrument, still nearly void of any real emotion, but I refused to stay that way forever. Destiny wasn’t going to kick me down, I decided.

“Clyde,” another one called, who’d be lurking quietly in the shadows.

I jerked my body around, tired of being beckoned. “What is it now?”

The demon grinned from ear to ear, wickedly. “They’re coming.”

I let out a sigh and pulled at my leather gloves with sharpened teeth. Time for a blood bath.

Tell Me Your Wish

This is for AngelsCryTo's "Two Hundred Word" challenge.

I have to admit, being a person who loves adding detail and description to a story, I found this extremely challenging. The motive in the story isn't as clear as I'd like it to be, but please, if you can, just think about it. It says what is true of life in merely 200 words. I hope I did alright ^ ^; Thank you for taking the time to read *bows*


“Tell me your wish.”

She stared at the golden lamp, stumbled upon accidently. “Anything?”

The looming figure bobbed. “Your wish cannot be undone, however.”

“I want people to stop picking on me.”

The genie nodded adding, “as you command” before disappearing into the lamp.

The next day, the clique that bothered her moved on. The girl, ecstatic to finally be free, returned to the spirit. “Genie,” she called, “may I make another wish?”

It replied droningly, “as many as you like.”

“Please, I want my friends back...”

The genie once again commanded her wish, and returned to its home.

The girl was thrilled with her new found power. Every day she would revisit, asking for more of the genie. Shamelessly, she abused its magic. She wanted money, she got money. She wanted boys, she got boys. She wanted authority, she got authority. It wasn’t until she had everything that she realized she was unhappy.

“I want happiness.”

The genie made a face at her. “Foolish girl, I cannot grant happiness.”

She sighed, hating her life. What was the point of having everything? There was only one thing she DIDN’T have...

“Genie, I want death.”

It smirked slightly, “as you command.”


Once upon a time, a girl fell in love.

She was a quiet girl. She didn’t say much to people outside her circle of friends, and wasn’t good at speaking with strangers. She hadn’t particularly “liked” anyone throughout most of her elementary and middle school days, unlike the people around her who were constantly changing their minds. Some of the people she saw could go through four boyfriends in a few months.

No, no, her love was different.

She would watch him from afar with awe, hoping one day he would notice her. They had talked before, quite a few times, but to her it seemed like a one sided love. He’d go back to what he was doing, not looking at any other girls, but concentrating. He was too mysterious to read, too mysterious to understand. Would she ever know how he felt about her?

When he smiled, she wondered if he let his guard down at all. It did not seem so.

Perhaps I am the problem.

She told her friends about how she felt. One of them didn’t seem to understand, trying her best to hide that she was looking at him shallowly. But that girl knew, and it hurt. She consulted her other friend, one who was much more understanding and careful with her feelings. The kind friend told her to talk to him more. But it wasn’t so easy!

I can’t do it, I can’t do it...

Weeks had passed since she had first met him, and her feelings continued to grow. They grew so much, it was difficult to think properly and sleep with a clear conscience. Her lips became redder as she chewed at them nervously. They stung, reminding her of not only the love that was overflowing from inside her, but the pain. Every day, it became harder and harder to say her mind. She wished more than anything she could.

Why can’t I do this? I want to, I want to...! It’s not fair...

Her eyes would trail to him whenever she could catch a glance. He got cooler, and she... she got smaller. More scared. She felt her feelings would always stay locked in her heart. They pounded to break free. Could she let them out, could she? The wings wanted to fly, but she would always pluck the feathers away when they grew. Her confidence was already dangerously low. Still, she did not tell anyone. She lost her trust.

Even now, she looks at him and wonders. His expression... will it change?

Would time run out? Was time running out? Any day, any moment, he could be snatched away. He could be stolen by another. She didn’t want to see him go, didn’t want to see him with another person. That girl was being selfish. She knew it, but still her eyes would tear up at the thought of him being happy. She wanted his happiness. But she wanted to achieve it as well.

She turned bashfully to him one more time, and opened up her mouth to say something.

Do they live happily ever after?


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Death By Twilight Fangirls

There was a new rage in Konoha; it was spreading quickly, like a Black Death pandemic. It had reached over from a far end of the world, a world that the

ninja of Konoha had no knowledge of. This virus was contagious, but there was no warning to stay away from bookstands and public places where it could easily

be caught. This new virus, was none other than the Twilight Disease.

"Not another one," Naruto groaned, as he watched a group of girls flock to the bookstore. The new Twilight book had just restocked no more than

5 minutes ago, and there was already a huge lineup of crazy fangirls waiting to get their hands on a brand new copy. And because Naruto was so damn lucky,

Sakura just so happened to be lining up for this new "phenomenon".

"Ohhhhhh," she squealed, "I wonder what will happen to Bella and Edward? I can't wait to find out!"

In fact, Naruto wasn't the only cursed one. Shikamaru, Sasuke, Lee, Neji, Choji, and even Asuma were also watching from afar as the female team members

waited anxiously for the doors to open. Shikamaru facepalmed as Ino came screaming with a copy of, as he liked to put it, "that evil thing they called


"Heeeey Sasuke," Naruto joked, nudging him in the side, "you're losing all your fans to this "Pattison" guy. How does it feel?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Like I care, you idiot. As far as I'm concerned, you should be joining his fanclub. I saw you secretly watching that movie the other

day. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about."

As Naruto raised his fist to argue (blush and all), another high pitched squeak came floating through the air. Sakura ran quickly, a lovey-dovey look in her

eyes. She treated that "thing" like a God.

Carefully, Sakura tucked the book under her arm. Her hand was ready for combat. To protect it from other raging fangirls perhaps? Naruto couldn't figure it

out. All he knew was that he was doomed to a lifetime of fairytale romance and superficial vampires.

Before they could leave, Naruto noticed that one girl was missing from the crowd.

"Hey Neji," Naruto whispered, "Where's Hinata? Isn't she here to get a book too?"

Neji shook his head. It was a relief shake, definitely. "No, Hinata doesn't like that sort of thing. She thinks it's... scary I suppose? I don't really care

though. I can only take so much of this."

Everyone else was also listening in. The boys were thrilled... one female not infected. However, the girls were determined to spread the virus as much as

possible. It wasn't easily curable either.

"How can she not like it?!" Ino yelled, nose in the air, "It's the only decent piece of literature in this whole village!"

"I agree!" Sakura nodded.

No one was listening now. In fact, Sasuke and Naruto were already half way across the village. They had waved quickly and escaped as soon as possible. The

toxins would get them too if they weren't careful.

They walked silently side by side. There was nothing to talk about nowadays. Due to the overwhelming response from the book, many of the kunoichi of the

village were requesting time off from missions. Since Tsunade couldn't help but be pulled in as well, she granted most of the girls time. Many missions were

cancelled, since there weren't enough members for each squad. It was chaotic.

Naruto stopped. A group of girls came charging by, practically knocking him to the ground. Sasuke, quick with reflexes, made it just before the mob could

trample him.

"Idiot," Sasuke mumbled, catching him before he could fall. Naruto pushed himself away quickly. There was one thing that didn't change for them in all the

mess, and that was their rivalry.

"Whatever..." Sasuke said, crossing his arms. This was completely ridiculous, in his opinion. This madness had to stop and be contained. It was wrecking

assets for the village, and reputations of the ninja.

Naruto saw a rock under a tree. There appeared to be no fangirls around, so it was a safe zone until it was discovered. Sighing, he sat down and began to


Sasuke smirked, "What's with the screwed up face?" He leaned against the tree.

Naruto ignored him. For minutes they were silent, Naruto changing positions every so often. Then, he slapped his hands together.

"Sasuke! We have to stop this! No one is as manly enough as me to do it, so I'm going to stand up against all those girls and tell them why Twilight
needs to be forgotten! And that we need the ninja back for the missions to continue!"

He snorted. "Good luck with that. You're just going to make a fool of yourself, not like it would make much difference."

Naruto stuck out his tongue. "I have a plan! We have to get all the guys in on it though!"

There was gigantic eye rolling. "Okay then genious; please, share your wisdom."

With that, Naruto quietly whispered the plan into his ear.

The boys all gathered close to the bookstand. Practically everyone was in on the plan. Little did Naruto know that it would go horribly wrong...

The sound of footsteps could be heard across the gravel sidewalks. Girls chatted excitedly, expecting a brand new and amazing announcement on the upcoming

movie New Moon. Arguments about Edward and Jacob could be heard a mile away. It was almost time.

Once all the girls were there, waiting impatiently for the announcement, Naruto got ready. The idea was to get all of the male ninja to stand up and tell the

girls the truth about the horrible disease. Yes, it was going to be perfect. Naruto stood first.

"Listen! This Twilight book is ruining not only your minds but the village's reputation! We need you on our teams in order to do missions! You need to

understand that this disease is spreading quickly, and that it has to be contained! And that Edward Cullen sucks! All of us boys agree with this! Right?!"

There were menacing glares coming from the girls. The aura around them was dark; the air suddenly chilled. Nobody replied as Naruto faced the raging females.

They all had cold feet after discovering the true horror of Twilight fangirls.

"Naruto..." Sakura cried above the rest, cracking her knuckles. He turned to his allies for support as they backed away slowly. He was getting no help from


Naruto chuckled nervously, as he realized the mess he was in. "Uhhh... I was just kidding. Just a joke Sakura-chan!"

He was charged and beaten. It was gruesome, and the men behind cringed as they watched Naruto turn blue and black. Good thing Hinata hadn't been around. It

was a true "death by fangirls."

After that, there was a lesson learned in the Village. It was to never pick a fight with Twilight fans, especially Edward ones.