Welcome to My Ouran Chaos relm !!!!!

I hope your as big a fan of host club as i am ....
(kyoya is soooo hot !)
I will be posting pics,vids,contest questions and more !
if you have any
-concerns or other
Just feel free to PM me anytime ....(except for bath time ....please -_-')
So sit back relax and Click away to your hearts content To Ouran Chaos !!

Who's your favorite?

Who's your favorite Host?(yea it could be Haruhi as well). Tamaki? Mori? Kyoya? Hikaru? Kaoru? Hunny? Haruhi? comment on this post and let me know!

Where can you watch/read Host club?

you can go to http://www.funimation.com and watch from start to finish. (seoson one of course)If you PM me on the country/state/city I can search for where you can buy Host club.

Feel free to PM me

If you never herd of OHSHC...

OHSHC stands for Ouran High School Host Club (host club for short). It's about a girl named Haruhi Fujioka going into a rich kids school. She was trying to study but the library was wayyyy to loud (-_-'). She tries to find a quiet place to study. Instead, she walks in into a room filled with gorgeous boys calling themselves the host club! As she tries to get away from this predicament, she breaks a $80000 vase! now she is forced to repay her dept with her body by being the host club's dog! (the whole school thinks she's a boy)How will she free herslef from debt? Will she join their club? Will she fall in love? will i ever stop asking questions you probably don't know the answer to? Tune in for Ouran....High School.....HOST CLUB!