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I-it's been a l-little lonely here.... I thought a c-contest might help... have you e-ever been lonely, or c-cared for an anime character who was lonely? You can make a drawing, a wallpaper... even a s-story or poem would be nice... if you would d-dedicate it to me or pm me with a link to it... you can enter... S-sorry to bother you! Thanks for listening!

My Entry *wonders if it matches*

Ok, so here are my entries for this months contest. I tried to match the OHC theme as best I could...


I call this Spring Knight
(it's a play on the words night and knight...I know it's lame ><"")


External Image

This one is called Spring Day
(again....lame i know)

Don't ask me why I named them...I don't know either

1st Host Video Completed!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I apologize for it taking so long, but I have finally finished 1 of 90 host videos!

This Host Video features the Italian nobleman, Ezio Auditore! The song he chose is Promise of a Lifetime by Kutless.


PS: Please watch in HD (click on the little 360p after hitting play and go to 720p)

Congrats on the Promo

Kita, I am here to promote you to Aquiantance.

Oh look. Me as a hollow...


Tokyo Iris I am promoting you to #1 Fan. Congradulations and I can't wait to read the story you are writing for me. I thank you again for doing this for me.