Celebrity Chat With Crispin Freeman

As many of you already know, Crispin Freeman, who played Itachi from Naruto, Alucard from Hellsing , Hideki Motosuwa from Chobits and Holland Novak from Eureka 7 (and much more), was invited to a chat session with the members of theOtaku.

It was a wonderful success with over sixty four people in attendance. However for those of you who were unable to make it to the chat we saved it so you wouldn't miss out on the fun.

Adam: Beth, can you start?
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Adam: Ok, now all is ready, let me introduce and set the rules :)
Adam: I'd like everyone to meet the legendary VA Crispin Freeman who kindly agreed to take an hour out of his schedule to make this chat a reality. Crispin has had leading roles in countless classic and modern anime
Adam: Crispin: Beth (SunfallE) is in charge of the chat today. You'll be asked one question at a time. When you're finished with the question type "next." Sometimes chat is a little fickle so if you get disconnected, simply refresh the page.
Adam: Members: Every time Crispin says next, paste your question. You'll have to keep sending it. Once you get your question answered please give other people a chance to have their answered as well.
Crispin Freeman: Sounds good. And can I call her Beth and not SunfallE? It's hard for me to keep track of handles.
Adam: yup!
Crispin Freeman: Great!
Adam: ok, so let's get started with the first question Beth :)

wateramazoness: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Mr. Freeman!...Have you ever been offered a role, without an audition, but decided to turn it down because you didn't care for the character?

Crispin Freeman: You know, I think that only happened once, and I turned it down not because of the character, but because I did not like working with the director. But that was many years ago when I was working in NY.
Crispin Freeman: Otherwise, I don't think there's ever been a character that I was offered that I turned down.
Crispin Freeman: next
Crispin Freeman: Did I do that right? :)
Adam: perfect :)

Kei: Thank you for coming today. A lot of people have been looking forward to this (if you couldn't tell already!). I know that you have named Macross Plus and Laputa: Castle in the Sky among some of your favorite anime, but what are some of your favorite non-animated series/movies?

Crispin Freeman: Well, I loved the first Matrix film, although I have major problems with the sequels. I also love Pan's Labyrinth.
Crispin Freeman: I'm a huge fan of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film and I did enjoy the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Crispin Freeman: Some classics that I love are The Third Man and Amadeus.
Crispin Freeman: Lawrence of Arabia still blows my mind. How in the world did they shoot that?
Crispin Freeman: next

animeluvrv04: Question: Do you have a preference when it comes to voicing in anime or video games? Like, is there a certain environment/pro of one that you favor over the other? (Thanks for answering. ^__^)

Crispin Freeman: Not really. I enjoy the story most of all, the process for me is fine either way. I guess sometimes it's easier to voice for a video game because you don't have to match lip flap, but if it's a war game, you have to do a lot of screaming and that can wear you out.
Crispin Freeman: If the story is engaging I enjoy it much more.
Crispin Freeman: next

Aceburner: As a Tales fan, some of my friends and I have enjoyed your work as Regal Bryant in Tales of Symphonia. We were also kind of disappointed that you did not reprise the role in Dawn of the New World. Were there any personal reasons for that or were you just not approached?

Crispin Freeman: There are usually never any personal reasons for why I don't continue a character, only business reasons. The reason I did not come back to play Regal in the later games was that I was not asked to and I think I wasn't asked because the shows were done non-union. As a member of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Actors (AFTRA) I can only work on union projects. I believe the later game was done non-union so I was unable to work on it. I would've loved to, but that would've broken the rules of the union.
Crispin Freeman: Does that make sense?
Crispin Freeman: next
Aceburner: Actually, perfect sense. Thanks!

Katana: Obviously you've seen fans being their, ah, nerdiest, and get into uber geekout modes, but what about you? Would you classify as a total geek about something? And have you ever had a "geekout" moment?

Crispin Freeman: After I passed through puberty, I don't think I really had a "geek out" moment about anything, until recently when I realized that I am a huge Doctor Who geek. It took me a second to realize that I was obsessing over Doctor Who the way a number of otaku obsess over anime. I thought it was funny.
Crispin Freeman: While I'm a huge fan of anime and it matters very deeply to me and I do academic presentations and papers on the subject, I usually don't "geek out" about it the way I see some otaku do.
Crispin Freeman: But put a sonic screwdriver in my hand and I become 12 again.
Crispin Freeman: next

Katana: Can I say that you just made my day by saying you enjoy Doctor Who? Haha!

Art Munkee: It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Freeman! So, how do you feel about musical roles? Do you think you have a good singing voice?

Crispin Freeman: Sweet! I never thought I'd enjoy any Doctor as much as Tom Baker, but David Tennant is amazing and Steve Moffat the writer who did Blink and the Girl in the Fireplace is unstoppable!
Crispin Freeman: next
SunfallE: Sorry for the timing there Crispin, Art Munkee's question is next. ^_~
Crispin Freeman: My wife thinks I have a great singing voice! She loves that she has a man who can sing! I've sung my whole life and I've trained in opera so I'd have to say that yes, I have a good singing voice.
Crispin Freeman: I also sang in an a capella group all through college called the Williams Octet so I'm very comfortable singing.
Crispin Freeman: next

Troublesum Shika: Thanks For Taking The Time to do this chat! My Question is If you could Be Anyone of your Characters, Who Would It Be?

Crispin Freeman: I get asked that question from time to time and I really don't think I'd be any of them because none of them want precisely what I want in my life. Each one of them is an aspect of my personality and so if I chose just one, I'd be limiting myself. Does that make sense?
Troublesum Shika: Yes, It Makes Alot of sense!
Crispin Freeman: While it's fun to play pretend as these different characters, it's like putting on a costume. If I had to only wear one costume for the rest of my life, I'd feel restricted.
Crispin Freeman: next

TimeChaser: First, as a total life-long Doctor Who junkie, I have to say you have made my day, and possibly my year. On to the question now (heh)... You've had roles in a lot of popular anime, of course, but is there a role in something less well-known that you really enjoyed?

Crispin Freeman: One of my favorite projects that I worked on was Night on the Galactic Railroad. It's almost impossible to find these days, but that anime is so mystical and charming and spooky. It's such a wonderful little fairy tale about a young boy (done as an anthropomorphized cat) travelling on a train with spirits through space. It's so artistic and meditative.
Crispin Freeman: I worked very hard on the script for that movie, which required a lot of research into different religions and scientific knowledge of the early 20th Century, and I played one of the main Characters, Campanella. That was a labor of love.
Crispin Freeman: That probably no one has seen... :(
Crispin Freeman: next

Shinmaru: I like that you are so enthusiastic about doing shows with complex themes such as the undermining of traditional gender roles, and so on. Among the shows you have worked on (as an actor, director, writer or what have you), which most interested you in terms of their themes?

Crispin Freeman: Well in terms of undermining traditional gender roles, I love that I'm getting to play a cross-dressing Shinto Priest of the Tokugawa era in Ghost Slayers Ayashi. When they told me that I could audition for that part, I told them that I didn't care who auditioned, I wanted it!
Crispin Freeman: They were wise and gave it to me. Smart producers. :)
Adam: (Crispin: I have to step out for a family function, Beth will keep things running smoothly here and she can answer any questions that come up, thanks so much for coming and I look forward to the transcript!)
Crispin Freeman: But I'd love to play Hana, the fabulous transvestite in Tokyo Godfathers as well!
Crispin Freeman: Take care Adam! Thanks for everything!
Crispin Freeman: next.

Allamorph: Going back for a moment, how much would you say your musical exposure and training has helped build your life, and do you still seek out ensembles with which to play/sing/perform?

Crispin Freeman: My musical exposure, and especially the "chops" that I developed from singing and dancing (being able to perform to a rhythm) was incredibly helpful to my ability to dub to picture and match the rhythm of lip flap. Plus, my vocal training was a huge help to my voice over career. It not only developed my voice and helped me get a signature sound, but it gave me the training to use my instrument in a healthy way and avoid damaging my chords during challenging acting scenes.
Crispin Freeman: I don't really seek out opportunities to perform live anymore. I did a play with my brother's theater company about 6 years ago now, but that's the last time I was on stage. I don't know why, but I'm just not as drawn to live performing anymore. I've got other projects in the works, like my Anime Mythology book that I'm working on and the teaching I'm going to be doing soon.
Crispin Freeman: next

xCrisisCorexZackx: Ever since I first got into Anime I've always thought of how fun and rewarding it would be to voice act. So, what do you find rewarding about being a voice actor? [And, like TimeChaser, you've also made my day by saying you are a big Doctor Who fan. ^^]

Crispin Freeman: One of the most rewarding things for me is the ability to play so many different characters that are not based on the way I look physically. That really started to bug me after a while when I was younger, that I wasn't cast for certain roles because I didn't look right. Also, I love the ability to collaborate on my favorite art form, animation. And since I can't draw, my contribution comes through my voice acting, writing and teaching.
Crispin Freeman: I also like that I don't have to get up early to get into makeup and spend all day on a shoot. Plus I get paid a lot more than I did in the theater! Love that!
Crispin Freeman: next

SomeGuy: Hypothetically, who do you think would win in a fight between Yuri Lowenthal and Steven Blum?

Crispin Freeman: Wow. Vocally or physically? It's funny, I usually play Yuri's older brother in any show (Noein, Scrapped Princess, etc.) while Steve is older than me. I think vocally Steve sorta beats all of us, but physically, I don't know what kind of martial arts training that Yuri has. It would be sorta close...
Crispin Freeman: next

thesebrightlights: Are there certain kinds of characters that you like playing better than others? Other than playing crossdressers (xD) do you like portraying a hero or villain, a good or bad person? Which type of 'personality' is it most fun for you to voice, and possibly some that are the most challenging?

Crispin Freeman: Well, it's always fun to play someone who's "over the top" just because you can let it all hang out and "chew the scenery" as it were. But I don't have any favorite "type" of character. I usually enjoy myself if the story is good.
Crispin Freeman: See, I've probably got too much of the director in me. I would rather play a small role in a really good show than play the lead in a lame show. It's just not as satisfying to me if the story as a whole doesn't hold together.
Crispin Freeman: next

Sangome: Mr. Freeman! A thrill to finally meet you. As for my question: are you friends with other VAs in the industry? If so, who? Are there any particular VAs you enjoy working with [provided you have roles in which you actually interact with them]? [ps Regal and Albedo for the win]

Crispin Freeman: I rarely work with other voice actors when doing anime or video games. We almost always (99.9 % of the time) record separately. When doing a domestic show for TV like Spider-Man where I play Electro, we do record together, for the most part.
Crispin Freeman: However, I am friends with most voice actors, and I do hang out with some of them from time to time. I always love seeing Steve Blum, he's such a sweetheart. Taliesin Jaffe and I hang out on a semi regular basis as well. There are plenty of voice actors that I see in passing at the studio, and sometimes we stay a little past our scheduled time just to catch up with each other.
Crispin Freeman: next

Timber: Meeting voice actors is probably the coolest thing about going to anime conventions. Some of the fans can get a little crazy, though, and I'm sure you've seen your share of that. What's the most bizarre question you've ever been asked or request you've ever gotten from a fan?

Crispin Freeman: Someone got up in front of an entire room of hundreds of people at a convention and asked to have sex with me. And seemed deadly serious about it and wanted an answer right there. That was awkward...
Timber: ...Wow.
Crispin Freeman: Usually it's not such a clear strange question like that. More often, it's just a sort of awkwardness that can happen when it feels like fans just want to tug at your shirt sleeve as if to say, "Pay attention to me!" That can become draining after a while because you can't possibly give everyone in the room personal attention.
Timber: That makes sense.
Crispin Freeman: Fans want to interact with creators, and Creators do like to interact with appreciative fans. The key word there is appreciative and not obsessive. An appreciative fan has social skills, says please and thank you, doesn't monopolize a creators time and has good hygiene. You'd think all of that goes without saying, but the fact that I keep saying it means that it actually doesn't.
Crispin Freeman: The only problem comes when a fan is so "needy" that the creator starts to feel uncomfortable and so starts retreating, which makes the "needy" fan reach for them that much more and then you're in a downward spiral.
Crispin Freeman: I love having good, structured ways to interact with fans. Like this moderated chat room. Without the moderation, it can be a bit much for one little person like me to handle, and I was a hacker and I'm comfy with technology.
Crispin Freeman: Sorry if that turned into a bit of a rant, but I'm always trying to improve creator and fan relations! :)
Crispin Freeman: next

MewChero: First, I'm a huge fan! Thanks for gracing us with your presence. Question: Do you ever watch the whole show you are working on or just the parts you are assigned to voice for?

Crispin Freeman: When I can, I try to watch the whole show I'm working on. Sometimes that's not possible, but I do my best. On some shows, however, I either don't have time, don't have access or it just makes more sense to trust my director and go with their vision of the show.
Crispin Freeman: next

ChibiSasuke: Thanks for coming today :D I'm sure you have thought about other careers before, or something else you would wish to do. If you had a choice to be anything besides a voice actor, what would it be?

Crispin Freeman: An astronaut!
Crispin Freeman: I actually went to Space Camp when I was in High School, although I went to the accelerated program, Space Academy! It was a blast.
ChibiSasuke: REALLY? That would be fun!
Crispin Freeman: I was going to major in Theater and Astrophysics in college, but the requirements were too much so I minored in Computer Science instead.
Crispin Freeman: I started out as a theatrical actor and then transitioned into voice acting. I'm sure I'll make many more transitions throughout my life as I follow my interests. Right now I'm focusing on my writing and teaching much more.
Crispin Freeman: next

Uta Okami: Thank you so much for taking time out to talk to us, Mr. Freeman! I was wondering, how did you first become interested in voice acting? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Crispin Freeman: I never thought that I'd become a voice actor probably because when I grew up voice acting was mostly Looney Toons stuff and that wasn't really me.

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somegirl: WHOOT
amandaxthomas: Would you ever consider acting in a live action version of an anime?
Sangome: Uh oh
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Squee-Neji: :O Beth left!
Anomaly: hold on...
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SunfallE: Sorry about that Crispin. Sometimes the chat will disconnect a member. ^_~

Crispin Freeman: I was pursuing my career as a theatrical actor when a friend of mine caught me watching anime and offered to put me in touch with a studio that dubbed anime. I auditioned for them, got cast and then suddenly realized that I enjoyed voice acting in animation more than I enjoyed American theater.
Crispin Freeman: no worries!
Crispin Freeman: I have a great love for international and especially British theater, but as an American, I didn't feel like I really had access to that world. So given the choice between starting my own theater company to do the kind of theater I wanted and working in animation, it was sort of a no brainer. I wanted to work in animation! It was a great decision. Plus it let me use my skills as a sound designer and computer guy as well. Voice acting was sort of perfect for me at the time.
Crispin Freeman: next

The Thief Kuronue: At Minneapolis College of Art and Design's SGMS this past year, you lectured about the roles of female characters in both Western and Eastern cultures. Could you give recommendations for films, books, or anime with strong female leads?

Crispin Freeman: Miyazaki!
Crispin Freeman: Were you at my Anime Mythology lecture at the last Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits? That's my absolutely favorite event to attend. I present a new chapter in my Anime Mythology lectures every year there.
The Thief Kuronue: Yes I was. It was incredibly fascinating bringing myth into animation.
Crispin Freeman: If I were to recommend books and shows with interesting or authentic female lead characters, I'd have to give you things like, Buffy, Nausicaa, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Aliens (a movie about two mothers fighting over which one of their children will survive. Brilliant!), I would almost recommend the Golden Compass, but I really didn't like the way the trilogy ended.
Crispin Freeman: I'm so glad you liked my presentation! I couldn't believe how engaging Sailor Moon was until I sat down and really got into the mythology of it. I get it now why it was so popular!
Crispin Freeman: I also love Revolutionary Girl Utena and even Rose of Versailles, to a certain point.
Crispin Freeman: I haven't read much fiction recently, so I'm not sure I can recommend much in that area.
The Thief Kuronue: It was amazing seeing the differences between the symbolism in Utena in comparison to the Disney princesses. It was a great lecture.
Crispin Freeman: Why thank you! Isn't it fascinating how Utena completely subverts the Prince/Princess archetypes! I love that show... So much...

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JackE034: Thanks for taking time to talk to us, its an honour to talk to a voice actor as great as you. Oh and I love Doctor Who too! Which of your charcters do you think you are most like and why?
kittens 3: hehe
Sangome: I must say that I love you even more now, with Sailor Moon and Utena.
Timber: Here we go again...
Furry-Chibi: BETH.
thesebrightlights: asfdjkn
Miss Anonymous: Oh jeez, not again
Katana: Oh snap again
ThePockyGirl: MEOW!
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Crispin Freeman: next!

Miss Anonymous: You've worked on Code Geass, so you've probably seen the first R2 opening, right? What do you think of ACTION HORSE?

Crispin Freeman: You know, I haven't seen the R2 opening. That's one where it's been hard to get the show, and Jeremiah plays such a small part, that I have to just trust the director on that one.
Crispin Freeman: Sorry.
Crispin Freeman: next

JackE034: Thanks for taking time to talk to us, its an honour to talk to a voice actor as great as you. Oh and I love Doctor Who too! Which of your charcters do you think you are most like and why?

Crispin Freeman: Again, it's sort of the same question earlier about which character would I want to be. Each of the characters I play have a bit of my psyche in them, but none of them match my personality that well. If I had to chose, I guess you could say I'm closest to characters like Togusa from Ghost in the Shell (although he dislikes the Tachikomas and I think they're adorable!) or possibly Shannon from Scrapped Princess (but he can be too much of a sour-puss and he gets all weird and moody). So it's a hard thing. My favorite character that I've played is probably Tsume from Wolf's Rain, and I'm nothing like him in real life.
Crispin Freeman: next

Nehszriah: So that would mean that you're nothing like a chimera?

Crispin Freeman: Not really. :) It was fun to play Zelgadis, but I'm not really like him all that much. Nor am I like Captain Tylor in my personality, nor am I Touga Kiryuu from Utena, but all those types are inside me somewhere!
Crispin Freeman: I don't play these characters in order to find myself necessarily, although sometimes I do learn things about myself by playing different characters. I play these characters to express different artistic truths about them or to help illuminate what the story is trying to say.
Nehszriah: That makes sense.
Crispin Freeman: I do my best to find out about myself in my real life and then bring that richness to the characters I portray, I don't try to find richness in characters at the expense of my own life. That would be doing things backwards and would lead to me not being able to bring any real life experience to the table.
Crispin Freeman: Hope that makes sense. We're getting very philosophical now!
Crispin Freeman: next!

Kei: How important would you consider research to be in terms of preparing for a role?

Crispin Freeman: Well, it depends on the project. In voice acting, you usually have zero time to research anything. It's sort of like instant acting or improv. In theater you spend weeks working on a character and a performance. So it totally depends on the medium you're working in. I pull from my life and my research into mythology and story whenever I step up to the mic to perform a character. Other actors use different methods or crafts. Each one of us brings a different flavor to the table which helps the show sound more full and rich.
Crispin Freeman: If I were having to play a historical character or work on a show that has a lot of historical or mythological significance (like Night on the Galactic Railroad), then I would want to do a lot of research. But if I'm playing a blue chimera in a sword and sorcery comedy show (i.e. Slayers) then I need to lean on my improv skills much more. The right tool for the right job! :)
Crispin Freeman: Next, and we're probably going to have to wrap things up soon.

Kei: But hypothetically, if you had the time for it, would you spend more time focusing on the character themselves or the world in which they are part of?

Crispin Freeman: Can you give me an example? I mean, what's the point of stressing out too much about the world of Slayers when such silly stuff is happening in the show? On the other hand, it was very important to me to know all the nuances that were happening in a character's sub-text in a show like Utena.
Crispin Freeman: Slayers works best when we're all having a great time and bouncing off of each other, not when we're stressing about the veracity of the world or the historicity of the magic and where it came from.
Crispin Freeman: But if you don't understand the delicate construction in Utena, you can spoil very emotional scenes later in the show because you weren't paying attention.
Kei: I was referring more to those shows where there is an actual underlying importance to the world around all the characters and their interactions. Something like Spice and Wolf, if you've heard of it.
Crispin Freeman: I don't know Spice and Wolf unfortunately. Can you name something else? I'm not quite understanding what you're getting at and I'd like to understand.
Kei: Actually, I think you answered my question pretty clearly without realizing it. My apologies for being confusing.
Crispin Freeman: No worries. Glad I could help.
Crispin Freeman: Shall we wrap things up Beth? Maybe one last question?
SunfallE: Sounds good to me. ^_^

Boo: When a sandwich company would come up to you and ask you for the rights to make the "Ultimate Crispin Freeman Sammich", what ingredients would that sandwich contain?

Crispin Freeman: That's hilarious! There's actually a deli in my old college town, Williamstown MA, where they have sandwiches with the names of different celebrities for the different sandwiches... Priceless that you'd ask that question...
Crispin Freeman: And it's a toughie for me! I'd have to say, I'm a sucker for a good Pastrami or Corned Beef sandwich. Pastrami on Rye with mustard and maybe provolone... that sounds really good, but I'm also a fan of tuna melts with cheese and lettuce and tomato. Maybe half a sandwich of each type? Sort of a surf and turf of sandwiches?
Boo: Well, maybe once they know what's on it, they can get yours up there as well. :o
Crispin Freeman: I'd be torn between the two!
Crispin Freeman: But i'd probaby usually fall on the Pastrami side of things! With pickles on the side!
Crispin Freeman: Love it.
Crispin Freeman: Thanks so much for having me you guys!
Crispin Freeman: I appreciate your questions and it's been a pleasure to be here.
SunfallE: Thank you so much for coming Crispin. ^_^
SunfallE: I'm going to lift the Moderation.
Crispin Freeman: You should give big thanks to Beth for being your moderator and to Adam for setting up this whole event.
Crispin Freeman: They've been great!

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Michiyo Shimizu: lol tokage
Die Before I Wake: This is making me dizzy....
Timber: And thanks for that rant about obsessive fan behavior at cons
Michiyo Shimizu: I KNEW YOU'D BE HAPPY.
Katana: Yes
kittens 3: thank you Mr. Freeman for coming, and thank you Beth for Modding
Anomaly: My first VA chat :O
SunfallE: It is a glorious thing. And thanks again Crispin. ^_^
Katana: Good rant thar
Art Munkee: The sandwich question was like the best question! FTW!!!! :D
Timber: That was amazing.
Michiyo Shimizu: YES IT WAS
Timber: And it really needed to be said.
Allamorph new TimeChaser was nosebleeding in the corner there for a while
Heartstop: Anomaly: same hereX3
redjacketalchemis: Indeed
mewmewlover55 is getting dizzy D:
Sangome would love to see Crispin in Phoenix Wright or something
Allamorph *knew
Sangome is slapped
Katana would too

TimeChaser: lol
Baka Crow: lol
redjacketalchemis: lol
mewmewlover55: omg it's tc o_O
Kaydirt new stuff too
delitor: its a little um, WAY TOO FAST
Nehszriah: Thank you for coming Mr. Freeman and I hope you have a good day.
Heartstop dies from dizzy ness
kittens 3: delitor: exactly
Blackfire95: Thank's for coming, Crispin :)
Die Before I Wake: This was the only VA chat I wanted to go to, and the only one of them that was invited that I knew. XD
delitor: i cant read squat
mewmewlover55 KITTEH PILES TC >D
Michiyo Shimizu would like to see crispin in kateikyoushi hitman reborn <____________________<;;;;

kittens 3: lol
Die Before I Wake: Thank's for coming in!
Timber: Yeah, thanks for joining us
Heartstop: TY!
Baka Crow yeah
Timber: Hope you have a good rest of your day
Katana: Yes, thanks for braving the waters
Crispin Freeman: Thanks again to Beth and Adam for organizing and handling all this. Thanks to you guys for coming out! If you want you can always come join my fansite on Yahoo and interact with me there if you're intersted: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/crispin_freeman_fansite/
Boo starts working on the sammich.
Michiyo Shimizu: :o
Michiyo Shimizu: COOL 8D
mewmewlover55: :3
Sangome: Thanks much for taking your time out to talk to us insane little children
Michiyo Shimizu: thank you
Sangome: And non-children
SomeGuy: Crispin, the red button on the top right is how to escape this insanity . . . if you need
kittens 3: omg, a link
Sangome: And man children
Heartstop: COOL
Michiyo Shimizu shoots rocky lol
Miss Anonymous grabs the link
Miss Anonymous: Thanks, Crispin!
Katana: Or you can just navigate away
Aceburner: So does anyone else have a full transcript or should I ship off my copy for processing?
krizomet: cool
Timber: Sorry if we scared you in un-moded stuff
thesebrightlights: Crispin's voice is naturally like, wow. If I received a phone call from him, my nose would be gushing blood. And if he's still here, YOUR VOICE IS SEXY. <3
Miss Anonymous: And just wanted to say I love you in .hack XD
Crispin Freeman: It's great to visit this corner of otaku cyber space with you guys! Take care!
Sangome: Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kaydirt: I think chat scroll should allow only yay *points this high* many points of chat
SunfallE: I have all of it. Indi saved what I missed from being dc'd
ThePockyGirl: Bye!
Katana: Later!
Miss Anonymous waves
Anomaly: Bye :D
Michiyo Shimizu: bye bye 8O////
SomeGuy: Cheers
Blackfire95: bye!
mewmewlover55: bye crispin :3
Timber: Don't be a stranger!
Crazy Shion: my soul would like a milkshake too
Squee-Neji: Bye Mr. Freeman.
Shinmaru: Good bye! :D
Die Before I Wake waves
Sangome: Hope to see you at a con someday 8D
kittens 3: bye bye Mr. Freeman
SomeGuy: I've been saving it too
LOve your voice can i have tiXD
Squee-Neji: Come back anytime! :D
delitor: see ya
krizomet: bye
Crispin Freeman: Crispin Freeman, signing off!

And there you have it, be sure to thank Crispin Freeman for taking the time to come and chat with the members of theOtaku.