the next

Chapter One
“The next Generation”

“Soo it’s been soo long since this has happened…” said Jazzy (Jasumin Pa-pura)(Jasmine Purple). “ I wonder how Nearr-kun is”. With this Jazzy walked away from the screen, showing a fancy K in the middle, thinking of the day when Kira- was brought to justice.

3 days later

“ Helllo? Is um…Nate River there?” Jazzy said into a phone. “Hello? Jazzy-Chan? Oh hi”, Nate River he said in plain voice like he wasn’t happy to speak to her. “ Hey I’m lucky to have found this number right?!” Jazzy said into the phone… “ I guess” Nate spoke monotony. “ Nearr-Kun aren’t you happy to speak to me?” Jazzy said… noticing that Near had hung up on her. “ I HAVE NEVER LIKED YOU NEAR!!!” she screamed, throwing the phone at the wall. Sitting in a corner with her head in her knees, crying…

Next day

“H-hello?” she said softly into the phone. “ My phone died,” said Near with blank voice. “ Oh…so I wanted to talk to you”, Jazzy said into the phone. “You? Want to talk to me?” Near said knowing that when Jazzy and Near never like each other when they lived in the Wammy house. “I think Kira- is back…” leaving the room in silence when she spoke of the last word. “He died, he cant be alive” Near said arranging himself into a wired position. “ Maybe not Kira-, Kira-, but another Kira-, like a fifth one.” Jazzy spoke and her words echoed in her lonely apartment. “ Even so I’m retired from that kind of work, I’m 26 years old I don’t need that kind of work I’m happy with chess, and my family” but hearing this word made Jazzy more upset, “So what let the police handle this?!?!?” she questioned Near. “ That’s not like you, you solved the first Kira- case, Why not this one?!?!” she said screaming into the phone. “ Your too young to under stand my life.” Near said as his words crushes Jazzy’s emotions. “Nearr, do you think I can solve the case?” Jazzy said into the phone. She waited for his answer. “No…not alone” he said after a minute. Relived that Near was on her side she spoke softly into the phone “Are you going to help me?” “Give me your address I’ll come by”, he said in reply. “ Momiji Street 6324 Tokyo” she said. (FX Momiji=maple) “I’ll come by Thursday k’” He said. Checking her calendar, it was Sunday, “ K’ bye”.

Thursday, March 13th 2017

A knock on the door came to Jazzy’s door, she was cleaning up her small bedroom, “Nearr-kun if that’s you come in,” she said. Near opened the door, she came over to him, covered in sweat, looking at how tall Nate had gotten. “Wow, you got taller,” she said marveling at his height. Ignoring her comment about his height, He asked, “May I sit down?” “I don’t see why not,” she said. “Got any sweets?” he asked. Jazzy ran over to a bag of bitter chocolate, slapping the chocolates on the table she spoke “Remind you of any one?” she asked. “Yeah…” he said. “So how is life?” he said to break the awkward silence in the atmosphere. “More or less” she said. (FX Jazzy always says “More or less”; she believes that god put a scale on life so when she says “More or less” it means god weighs her life). They had small talk not too much. “So back to business, Kira-, what do you need help with?” he said. “I want to stop Kira- with all my heart” Jazzy said in response, “ You’re going to need money- and lots of it” he said pausing looking at her house with displeasure, as it is small and a little messy. “Wait why would you want to stop Kira-… so are you going to tell me?” Jazzy didn’t even look it Near’s eyes. Near smiled, “ You want revenge for Matt don’t you?” he said making her even more upset. “WHY THE HELL SHOULD I TELL YOU!?” She said yelled knocking over the bag of chocolate when she got up. She breathed deeply and sat back down, with her head facing her knees.

“It’s late, you should get going, and “she said” I’m sorry for acting immature, I should learn to control my emotions.” Jazzy said to make it seem like she shot Near with a gun, it was like a war between them. “I had scored two points” Jazzy thought in her head “Me 2 points, Near 1” she thought again… “I’m going to sleep” she said going into a corner with her head in her knees. “What’s that room?” Near asked pointing to a room. “Don’t open it, I like to keep it privet” she muffled with her head in her knees…Knowing that Near would not be happy with that answer she got up and opened the door. In side there was a room with a TV a small neat bed, cleaned, and a teddy bear Near had seen before, “Matt won that for you didn’t he?” Near asked. She nodded with red in her eyes, “I wish I could see him once more…” “I know what you mean, I would like to see him, L, and Mello again too, it’s hard on you because you’re younger.” With that Jazzy hugged his chest crying.

The next day

She found her self in Near’s arms, He was still sleeping, “10:00 I should get ready” she said slowly moving out of his arms. Getting her waitress uniform in to a small bag from her closet in her room. “Another day of harassment”. She said softly to Near couldn’t hear her, and writing a note to explain that she was at a café, and not going to her collage at the time, and when she would be back.