even if its old i am busy in hell and uselly have no free time but now i do!

I saw the picture first as i always got up earlist making them theie breakfast.... it said secret santa.....great......i tossled my hair a little. "Black as midnight" was tobi tring to flirt with me? oh well... Asu(Asumari) always said that i atract the most strangest boys. I fliped the pancakes. Itachi came in with a blank look running into the walls. "some one needs there sleep.Itachi u have bags under your eyes." i laughed..." kisame was snoring all night." the clock buzzed and it was 7:15 me and itachi were talking for 4 hours.... " nice outfit" itachi said. i was in short shorts, and an one of deidara's shirts. " yay thanks....wanna help me wake the others?" "sure...can i use that frying pan?" itachi asked. "sure why?". "i'm going to pay kisame a vist". good girf......
i walked up to hidna and kakazu's room. hidan played religos music..." HIDAN SHUT THAT FUC*ING RACKET UP".kakazu yelled at him.....i don't have to worry about them.i walked into deidara and sasori's room. i threw pants at sasori and deidara's face." lil sis...can't u wake me up later?" deidara asked me. "No..."i walked into the boys closet(mine and Asu's room) i thew a shirt and jeans at asu's head....she didn't move......ehy is she so lazy...right she is shikamaru's step sister. i walked up to asu's ear. "Kakazu is going to rape you if u don't get up" i said silintly. she woke up. " IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!" she ramed her head against her wall.*sigh*. i got dressed. walked out and ran my body into sasori's on acident..."gomen.i didn't mean to" . he smiled and put his hand around my chin."GOMEN GOT TO GO" (I BLAME EVA! HE TOLD ME WHAT GOMEN STANDS FOR NOW I CAN'T STOP!!!)i walked up staries with Asu. "love is blossoming in the akatsuki" she sang. i put my middle finger in her face." go Rape kakazu" i said to her. Tobi, zetsu, kisame(with a lump in his head), itachi,pain, kohnan, and saintai were all sat down at the table. all eating. the clock rang it was 8:00. time for the water to come on.
i ran down stairs to the bathroom. then deidara came in, then hidan....at the time i was already in the shower. they fixed their hair..."Have you heard about the secert santa?" deidara whispered too hidan...."yeah and Deila is in charge of who gets what" hidan repiled. i spueeled.....
to X-mas day. asu to sasori(a nuckle fist sandwich). sasori to deila(X & O'S. deila to hidan(nothing cause he didn't want any thing). hidan to kakazu(nothing). kakazu to asu(a dimond ring). itachi to deidara(a pair of deila's gloves). deidara to zetsu (meat on a stick). zetsu to pain (percinings). pain to tobi(candy) tobi to kohnan(paper)(i am hurt!) kohnan to saintai (toys games that stuff)saintai to kisame(a plasic sugery make over)kisame to itachi a show of pictures. and so no one liked the gifts to much... but oh well.