First post! Ronove gives books

Rant(Skip unless you give a damn) :Okay I ish done with dinner so I am going to start the first post. I have taken a notice that more people like Higurashi more than Umineko, but you know I pefer Umineko (Maria ish a nutcase .3. uuu!) coz I find it a little more demonted and twisted with a better story line, but as for Higurashi I like the blood details and find it more counfusing. MAIN POINT IS I LOVE BOTH, JUST ONE A LITTLE MORE

Lucifer(Sister(sin) of pride): Today Ronove gave us seven sisters a diray. I noticed I was first to write in mine, because I am the leader after all. But you know I have alot of responabilty as eldest. Its straining work, and I feel more insecure. First off all the sisters were bowing down to Lady Beatice, and Ronove gave me the first book and rose, I looked up at him, "Here this is for your writing pleasures, please write down your feelings." he said with his weird unknown smile of his. "But us sisters can't have any feelings" I shouted at him, "Right lady Beatrice?" I did NOT want to write my feelings. If any of my sisters see this, they'll know my weakness! Beatrice smiled. "Even the worse of us witches have feelings, My feelings for- My nevermind" she said blushing, Ronove coughed "Battler!", Lady Beatrice turned even reder, and shouted "RONOVE!" he snickered at her, she coughed. "Anyway your master Betrice comands you too." So therefore, this was born....

Mammon(Sister of Greed): post name: SAKUTOARO! Today Ronove gave us little books, I wanted the biggest book, but we all got the same TT-TT. But today I went to play with Ange, Maria, and Sakutaro. I cuddled the cutie. "Mammon-chan! uryu!" I lightly tugged on his lion ear. Sakutaro your sooo cute. "Sakutaor, calm down I'm only here to play" He smiled. Ange pulled on shirt collar waiter thingy. "Let Sakutaro go to Maria" she said smiling the rare smile. The only reason she was happy was because me, Maria and Sakutaro were here. I can tell my master is still upset at the fact that her brother is trapped, but at least she gets to play with us. I let him go to Maria. Everyone was so happy, I'm glad I get to hog Ange, Master Maria and my cute little Sakutaro.

Story Ideas

I was thinking that I could have a story log of the seven sister of Purgatory from umineko, I might do. I highly dought anyone would read this though XD so more or less its going to be a personal story for me. Anywho its open to anyone who gives a damn :D. I am so not worth a damn


Okay so i had this idea that maybe wallflower meets OHSHC lol sunako would get alot of bloody noeses!!!!!!!!! tell me if i should write a story


Deila is a girl that lives a life that makes her want to vomit, she lived her life as a spolied rich girl. until the day that she left with her little brother,Astish(yes it's from naruto)... she left on a mission, but her brother died from ...

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the next

Chapter One “The next Generation” “Soo it’s been soo long since this has happened…” said Jazzy (Jasumin Pa-pura)(Jasmine Purple). “ I wonder how Nearr-kun is”. With this Jazzy walked a...

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