Top 10 Openings

Honorable Mention - Guns & Roses (Baccano!)

I freakin' love jazz, so when this swingin' tune comes in while showcasing all the characters, not only does it serve as an exciting opening but as a great way to keep all your characters straight in this amazing anime.

Honorable Mention - My Soul, Your Beats! (Angel Beats)

This opening sports both beautiful animation and an incredible song. It seems like the absolutely perfect song to wake up to, and it matches the anime itself very well. Like another reviewer had said, it feels heavenly - getting ready for the beauty of the anime itself.

10 - No Matter How I Look At It, It's Your Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! (Watamote)

Ignoring its extremely long title, what's amazing about this opening is how it combines the spirit of Watamote with a lot of grunge, and if you didn't know something about me, it's that I love grunge. It's like J-Screamo, and I absolutely love it.

9 - Hero's Come Back (Naruto Shippuden OP 1)

I really hope I don't regret putting this here... this opening and the opening in 8th place have been fighting each other up until the very end.

Okay, I love this song sooo much it's ridiculous. It might be the song on this list I could listen to most. Catchy as heck, with a low, grunge rap-ish part... how could you not love this song? However, with it's somewhat less-than-thrilling visuals, it pulls this place lower on the list.

8 - Zoetrope (Amnesia)

Hello, guilty pleasure anime. Beginning with a mysterious, lilting tone and then blowing into full rock, its lyrics, visuals, and music all adds to the intense yet calm feeling of the anime. Plus showcasing its hot guys in multiple different ways reminds me of the real reason I love this anime.

7 - One Reason (Deadman Wonderland)

Hardcore rock, man! (I love rock, have you noticed?) This probably has the song with the best full version out of any other on this list, and fits the anime to a tee. However, like with Hero's Come Back, the visuals don't quite meet the excitement of the song, thus pulling it down further on the list.

6 - Paper Moon (Soul Eater OP 2)

I'm not going to lie. I love the first opening. It's super catchy, and I sing it along with my best friend all the time. But this one... it adds more depth and adds a more serious tone to the anime. It's closer to my heart, and I'd probably listen to this one more than the first one. Plus the lyrics are amazing, and when you add some pretty good visuals it brings this opening to a happily placed number 6.

5 - Monochrome no Kiss (Kuroshitsuji OP 1)

Just a little side note, one thing I hate about some openings is when they try to shove a showcase for all the characters. Not this opening. Throughout the entire thing, only two characters are shown - Ciel and Sebastian.

In all honesty, this shows everything that I love about Kuroshitsuji - a Victorian style not only in its visuals but in its music, a type of dark, romantic feel, not to mention it's surprisingly catchy.

4 - In My World (Ao No Exorcist OP 2)
(Opening has been edited slightly by poster)

Though the song isn't my favorite on this list, its visuals are incredible. I think more thought has been put in this opening than in any other on this list. It's a great way to get hyped for this anime and yes, the song is really good, too.

3 - 19sai (xxxHolic)

This opening has some of the slower visuals on this list, but it's still incredible and manages to suck you in. It's not the visuals, though - it's the song. I absolutely love this song, probably the most out of any on this list. It's impossible to listen to this song without singing - I'm trying to type, chew gum, and sing to it right now (it's not working out). It's lyrics to, though not necessarily having much to do with the anime, are amazing. The song, it's... it's just so much fun. And catchy. Yeah...

2 - The World (Death Note OP 1)

It's a simple equation. Amazing song + Amazing visuals = Amazing opening. This opening perfectly showcases the intense awesomeness without being too in-your-face *cough*SecondOpening*cough* The beauty in the visuals is undeniable, and the song is exciting with lyrics that fit the anime greatly. (Confession: I once tried to memorize the English lyrics to this opening.) And that's why this opening deserves a number 2 spot.

1 - Now and Then, Here and There (")

Now, I know what you're thinking - "How can an opening with no lyrics and little animation make #1 spot?" One word - hype. Out of all the openings, this one never manages to get me hyped for an episode and still does get me super hyped to watch it. With an opening song that sounds like an opening song to Macgyver (ever notice that?), of course it would be exciting. Plus, it gives you time to relax and think about the anime itself, instead of shoving your face full of visuals that do nothing to expand the anime.