Just a world specifically for my sketches^^ (more like doodles OTL)

WARNING: they're not neat. at all.

so... enjoy! ( ゚▽゚)/


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yeah it looks better uncoloured _(:3
gotta work on my colouring !!

stress-relief quickie

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okie back to work/o/

class sketch

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wip screenshot of this ww
idk why the colours ended up looking so dull after uploading
maybe its bc they just appear much brighter in photoshop idk o<-<

soooo yeh that's all hahah


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i was drawing a lineart for smth (which is why there are neater parts) (...only talking about the fringe btw lmao)
aaaand yeah decided to randomly draw in a face and the rest of the hair and all because i just felt like it _(:3