Poetic Conflict

This is a poem that me and my best friend, ladymage (a-little-odd @deviantART.com) made at school^^ I did some of it (Jester's part) and she did most of it (ladymage did Kakashi, the Woman and Kuja) But I do not take full credit at all. Hope all you veiwers like it^^

Poetic Conflict

KAKASHI: Ah me! Long did I venture,
For the temple of varied stars, and exotic creatures,
But what hast I found here?
-A painted fool of Venice!

JESTER: Hahaha! Laugh all you want!
I'm getting used to your smart mouth taunts!
But listen up! And watch too!
'Cause this time, Kakashi,
The joke's on you!

KAKASHI: How I laugh, still, at you babble,
Like watching a miniscule ant,
Drown in the brook of your ramblings,
-But what prank do you propose to preform?

JESTER: Oh, so eager to know!
So I think I will show.
C'mon my friends!
Let's see how the show ends!
(*Senery changes into a big stage where Kakashi is in the spotlight, forced to preform*)

KAKASHI: Clever, hyena! I must say, I'm impressed!
Now I believe I shall foil your scheme,
Don't you know I can dance? Yes, for you see,
Unlike my younger brother, I'm far from clumsy.

JESTER: Aww, that's no fair.
I just simply meant to scare.
Well, to me it's a battle of the best again,
you make this a competition that I just have to win!

KAKASHI: Now for a partner! You there, all alone,
Silken wisp, with lumirous face,
Delicate featatures, Luna incarnate,
May I importune you for a spell?

WOMAN: My, my, man of shadows, your movement,
your charisma, your essence of night,
Reminds me of one I met long ago--
Yes, I'll join in your frolic.

JESTER: Ah, yet another challenge I suppose!
A dance with her, I will propose!
C'mere, my young beauty,
my, my, my, you really are a cutie.

WOMAN: As thou art, so exotic, so rare,
Colored like an Indian tapestry,
How couldst I ever choose,
Betwixt two equal paradigms?

KAKASHI: A rose for you, my dear!
You have no need to pity such a buffoon,
Much better, says I, to be pratical
in you choices.

JESTER: Oh, how original one can be,
but we all would love to see.
What is under that hat?
-Your face? You see mine!
So Kakashi, can you top that?

KAKASHI: Umm... Aren't you mad enough already?
To behold my visage is beyond your grasp,
Contrary, even, to Ealcilian Geometry,
However, if you insist...

WOMAN: No! Do not! Aren't we men?
Can we not think rationally?
I invented your kind to wear that mystery,
To strike fear and confusion into those you face.

JESTER: Mad? Yes! Mad as can be!
But-- Wait! Have my ears decived me!?
Young lady, I'm not meaning to be rude,
but, did you infact say you were a dude!?

WOMAN(?):Yes, my carany, thou heardst me right,
I am as much of a man as either of you!
And how glad am I to find,
Such varied, yet perfect, examples!

KAKASHI: I stand in shock and disbelief.

JESTER: And I... Kakashi! You are more popular,
and besides, you were to be tonight's star!
You can have this young lady-- erm, lad...
And I'll just--

KAKASHI: (*Grabs Jester when he tries to run*) Too bad!

KUJA: Humph! (*hands on hips*) I do say!
I would've sworn the two of you,
So handsome and full of life,
Could have at least waited for the last act!
(*walks away*)

JESTER: Um, no thank you,
I've done what I've came to do,
Um, I've got a... meeting, you see!
I'm terribly sorry but now I'll leave you be.

KAKASHI: And so shall I take my leave,
To the far reaches of this place,
Where fountains can be found.
-I have to wash the poetry from my mouth...