Dont worry people and don't be freaked out by my phsycotic crazy weirdness XD This is a totally random world I made to show the world what they dont want to see!

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Oh yeaz! You can call me a freak if you want; I dont care! i take it as a compliment^^ *laughs evily then passes out XD*

Haley I thank you so much for showin' me this song!^^
Jester and I: *bows and vanishes*


Ok. Ok. The reason I haven't been on here is 'cause I've moved ta deviantart. My account WAS Akasuki4Life but now it's... xGothicPsycho And... That's where I've been so...


Criss Angel

Ok, ok. Criss Angel is SO freakin' sexy! I love 'im so much^^ Enjoy!^^

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Poetic Conflict

This is a poem that me and my best friend, ladymage (a-little-odd made at school^^ I did some of it (Jester's part) and she did most of it (ladymage did Kakashi, the Woman and Kuja) But I do not take full credit at all. Hope all y...

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This is coolest and best band in da WORLD!! I'm sorry, everybody is entitled to their own opinion but..... This is a fact!

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Respect the AWESOMENESS!!

Goths... NOT Emos!

I found this and I completely agree with this 100% (except the "do not want to kill people" partXD That's only sometimesXD) But this is for the people who are like "Oh, you're Goth, you're Emo. Or Goth and Emo are the same thing!" No no no! They're not! They are completely different! Just to get that through those people's thick skulls! But I just want you all to know.....

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Thank you for veiwing^^