I believe that life is a matter of multiple perspectives. There can be up to 8 in any given situation. Think about it this way, think of a compass rose north, south, east, west, north west, north east, south west, south east. When you head from straight north you head straight south, the people coming from the south head north, eventually you meet with different ideas this leads to arguing.

Imagine if you will you are originally from the coming from the north and when you meet the south people you turn around and look north, this is looking at thing from their point of view or changing your perspective.

I am an observer I go from perspective to perspective seeing everything form every point of view. Right and wrong, good and evil, corruption and justice, all matters of perspective. Correct and incorrect are made only by the people that choose one single perspective.

Boston Bombing

They know the bombs were placed strategically to implement maximum shrapnel damage.

they know that a man of Arabic or Indian(not native american) descent was trying to get into a restricted area about 5-10 minutes before the bombing, and since

No one claimed it, I believe that it is probably a domestic terrorist

The fact it was patriot day, which is a day celebrating the Boston tea party

It may have not been foreign terrorism because it was not their style, I don't mean car bombs either, but it was only 2 bombs in the same place. Terrorists like to hit several locations with much more impact, that is why they chose the subway in Madrid, because there is the bomb itself and the ceiling falling from being destroyed causing much greater damage. The twin towers killed the passangers on the plan, people in the building s as they fell, and people on the street from the falling debris. This racks up the casualties.

Now let's look at it from this angle, the day celebrates the Boston tea party. a day to rebel against tea taxes forced on the US. Obama care as it is called is not that much different, either you get health care or you go to jail. pre-revolutionary war was it not the same penalty for not paying the king's taxes, think about it.

People are comparing this to 9/11, similarities seem to far and in-between. First 3 people died in this, about 2,000 died in 9/11. No one has taken credit for this, within 8 hours Al-Qaeda to credit for 9/11. 9/11 was planned for years lead to a very thorough series of attacks on several US targets. This was a single attack with a single target.

Final question, how many of you knew that an 7.8 earthquake ripped through Pakistan and Iran, killing 68 people also yesterday. The quake was so destructive that it sent the entire country of Iran into a state of emergency.

Once again I am merely an observer I don't think any single perspective is correct or incorrect. So was it domestic or foreign terrorism, and does one tragic incident outweigh the all others ^_^.

Google's new policy

Google now allows you to choose what happens to your content when you become inactive or pass away.


you can immortalize your content.


Your family, friends, etc, cannot remove it.

As I easily explained if you die and you said no one can mess with it, under their new law it cannot be change for any reason. Why would you want to change it, maybe you spent your life fighting something and that something killed you. I am pretty sure that would offend your family every time they had to look at it, especially knowing they could not take it down.

On the other hand maybe your family doesn't appreciate something you put up and demand that you take it down, technically google says that it is your choice and since google is from china technically they might not be bound by your countries rules, though the content may be banned in your country that is not the same as being banned everywhere. So the only question left, what do you think personally about it ^_^.