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Copyright Infrigement!

Sorry just venting.

Copyright Infringement is miss used crap. It is a law against Fan-Artist, what is this crap. Can someone just be a fan of a particular work then use that medium to portray their fandome? No so loser has to complain...

I guess they just don't want our support. I'll stop right here.

Help caption needed!

If I accept your caption is will added to this custom screen shot and hopefully submitted and credit given to you.

or otherwise just enjoy

The Love shot it kills!

This was a custom screenshot I made. Meaning I took two screen shots and took certain elements out of each to make one new frame; this exact frame will not be found in the anime.

A little challenge for you; see if you can identify where i change the elements in the picture without watching the Trigun Anime.

Don't think its Otaku worthy because other than it being a custom screenshot didn't do much to it and couldn't come up with a perfect caption, it speaks for itself anyway.


Did some extra work to it and came up with a caption, will submit soon.

No love

This was a simple caption i thought of. Couldn't think anyway to actually make the screenshot better with out risking the quality to much so this couldn't quite cut it.

a few more coming.

Then i still don't know why Vash was flirting with someone he hurt in the past, I know its Cash and all but didn't he really think this through?

Long week

Well im behind yet again but here i will now post my unofficial cards here because i fear edits will ruin them plus maybe updates on me but mostly my humor lol.

Will be starting soon that is a fact just have to upload.