Chapter 1: The Book

You're sitting alone in the lounge room. You live with your best friend, Riley ((I chose Riley because it's a boy and a girl name)). Riley looked quite cool. She had round glasses, short blonde hair, skinny, pale, green eyes. They were the whole package and some more. You couldn't ask for more.
Except for the fact that you two thought you were freaks. ((Don't take that literally))
No not the average freak like someone with an extra toe or a third eye or something. You looked pretty human.
It's just your powers.
Yes, powers. You and Riley had magical powers that any other human would die to have. Yet they'd kill you for it. One slip up, and you and Riley were toast.
"I wanna go for a walk" Riley murmured. They were hanging upside down on the couch.
“Where to, though?” you ask, flicking through the channels on the TV. Everything is either a re-run or something that doesn’t catch either of your interests.
“I dunno. Maybe the forest? We can practice there” they suggest.
“Yeah, true” you nod. Riley always had good ideas.
Riley rolls off the couch and onto the floor, and then they jump to their feet. You also stand up as Riley runs off to put their shoes on. You, being the civil one, walk to the front door and find your shoes placed neatly side by side.
Riley on the other hand liked to keep their stuff in their messy room. Soon, both you and Riley had your stuff. Riley carried a bag – which you assumed just had snacks. All you had was a pair of walking shoes on your feet and a pair of bathers in case you find a lake.
“Got everything?” you ask
“Yeah, sure, whatever,” Riley smiled.
With a shrug of your shoulders, you both leave the house, locking the door behind you. You head to the back of the house, jump the fence then boom. You’re in the forest. Riley skips ahead and whistles as they walk. This is strange. They usually aren’t this happy. You wanted to ask what made them so happy, but decided to leave it in case you messed up their good mood.
After a bit of a walk, you and Riley arrive in an open plain. Riley flops in the grass and pats the spot next to them. So, naturally, you lie down next to them.
Almost immediately, they pull out something from their bag and plop it on your chest. The air from your lungs escapes quickly. A light ‘oof!’ escape your mouth. They giggle.
“Read it, you dummy” they laugh.
“I can’t if I can’t breathe” you also laugh.
You both have a chuckle then you pick up the book and read the front cover. There’s nothing on it. You frown and look at Riley with a strange look.
“What?” you frown.
“Read it! Open it up!” they roll their eyes.
You sigh and open the book. The first page read “Welcome” in big letters.
“Is that it?” you joke.
“I’m being dead serious right now. Read the god damn thing” Riley growled.
“Okay, okay” Riley never sounded so serious. Usually they were easy going.
You flip to the next page. Page of contents. Don’t need that. You move to the next page. It’s an old drawing of what looked like a face. 2 circles for eyes, an X for a nose, and a stitched up smile. Strange…
“What even?” you frown.
“Just turn the page” Riley instructed.
You shrug and turn the page. The next page had a drawing of the same face on a doll like thing.
“Cool, right?” Riley grinned.
“Yeah, I guess” you shrug. It’s not that grand.
“But wait! There’s more!” they seemed excited as they stole the book out of your grasp. They flip through the pages and land on page number 147. It has clear instructions on how to make a portal. A portal? Why would you want to make a portal?
“I know the exact location where we can make this. We just need to draw the face in the dirt or mud – whichever it is – and then dose it with gasoline. Then we set it on fire” Riley instructed.
“Where are we gonna get the gasoline?” you ask. You clearly know the portal is fake, but you decide to play their game.
“Easy” they smile. They open the bag and pull out a bottle of gasoline. Then they pull out some matches. “I already have them. I even have a stick to draw in the dirt” they pull the stick out.
“You’re really serious about this?” you frown. Now you were considering stopping with this game.
“Yes!” Riley nodded vigorously.
“What, you think this is real?” You look at her with a serious expression.
“Of course it’s real!” she cries.
“Fine. If you say so. So let’s suppose this is real. When do you plan to do it?” you ask.
“Now!” she glares at you.
“What if I don’t want to go?”
“So you want to risk getting killed??”
“Well, we don’t even know where this portal leads to. We might get killed there!!”
“I know where it leads to. You just didn’t read it enough” Riley snaps the book closed and shoves it in their bag. They stand up, no longer looking happy. In fact, the clouds were already crowding in. Soon it’ll storm.
You get up to follow them.
“Fine. How about we do a deal. Tomorrow night, we’ll try it. Bring our stuff down, even. See what happens” you say.
The clouds become a little whiter.
“… Okay” they smile.
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