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I couldn't make it shoujo enough...

You know that shoujo style that shounen animes make fun of? Well, I wanted to try it out....I couldn't make it shoujo enough...

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Just a small doodle right before bed. Isn't productivity amazing?

Prologue and Chapter 1 of my story.

So....I'm finally ready to post this in the interwebs....this is the story I've been working on for 8 years. I hope you all enjoy it! This is draft 5....Please don't steal, re-post or copy without my permission. If this was stolen from me I'd be heart broken. It's a huge part of my life, so please respect that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The captain fell to the deck of his ship, life quickly draining from his body. He had been betrayed by one of his own. His crew had suffered and lost their lives while protecting him. Looking up at the reddening sky he sighed, causing a coughing fit. Blood damped the captain’s lips as his vision blurred. Breathing become harder and harder for the captain, all he could do was watch the darkening sky, when a small butterfly flitted over and landed on his face. That insect brought a small smile to the captain’s face. A few memories flashed through his mind’s eye as he exhaled his last breath, and moved no more. The butterfly stood on the lifeless body, slowly moving its wings up and down. After a moment it took flight and headed over to an island the ship silently floated between.
Stained red from the blood of the dead sailors, the ocean craft floated eerily in the ocean as a lone figure glided across the deck. As the figure reached the bow, the sails filled with wind and the ship moved into the darkness of the oncoming twilight.

Chapter One
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In a world where an industrial revolution was starting to take over, there were a few countries that didn’t want to be a part of it. One of these places is a small island on the northern part of the planet, Gardina. The people did almost all their work by hand and didn’t seem to mind that they were looked down on for only having electric lights or furnaces in their buildings. They were old fashioned and didn’t feel the need to change the way things worked. There were a few people, though, that didn’t like the casual way of life the others lead and followed the updates of the rest of the world through the newspapers that were delivered from the neighboring island.
“One paper please,” a young boy asked handing over a coin to the stall vendor.
“I see ya still interested with the world, eh boy?” the old vendor cackled as he handed over the paper. The young boy nodded and started to read, something on the front cover caught his attention causing his eyebrows to rise.
“The famous explorer Silver is dead?” the young boy asked looking up.
“Aye it would seem so. Murdered jus’ last week. Cryin’ shame really, he was the only thing making this world interesting,” the vendor sighed, picking up his pipe. “Ya see boy, I’m nearing end of my days. When Silver appeared though I decided I’d give it my best shot to stick around longer just so I could see what he’d meddle with next. Now that he’s dead, there ain’t anything left to me to stick around for.”
“But sir isn’t this new technology something to look forward to? Look it says here that they started making and testing automobiles at Larderan,” The boy pointed at an article on the third page. “Think about it we wouldn’t have to walk or use horses to travel large distances anymore.”
The old vendor snorted. “This technology is just a bunch of garbage. This stuff ain’t going to last the decade. It’s going to break down and we’ll all just have to go back to the horse anyway.”
“But what if it doesn’t? Wouldn’t you want to see what they have created by the end of the decade?” the boy asked.
The vendor studied the boy’s face, which was bright with youth. Sighing he ruffled the boy’s hair. “I guess I can’t win this one. I’ll stick around and see what these idiots come up with next.” The boy beamed which brought a grin to the old man’s face. Changing the subject he asked, “’ey boy, how old are you?
“Turned twelve just last week, why?” the boy asked frowning.
The vendor puffed on his pipe thinking, then taking it out of his mouth it pointed it at the boy, “Have you ever thought about leaving this island?”
The boy nodded, “Well yeah, of course I’ve thought about it, but my mom would never let me.”
“And why not? You’re at the age where you could go and get an apprenticeship with a master somewhere. You’re too smart of a kid to stay grounded here. Just from this chat I can tell ya that much.”
“I think something happened when my dad left,” the boy said rolling up the newspaper. “I don’t think my mom ever really got over him not coming back.”
“Has she ever told you why he left?” the vendor asked.
“She said he left for work and has just been too busy to write, but…” the boy paused.
“You don’t believe her do ya boy,” The vendor said leaning back in his chair.
The boy shook his head, “Not exactly sir. It just doesn’t make sense. If he was just gone for work he could make time to write a letter, or tell someone who’s coming back to stop by and give a report on him…. To be truthful I think my dad left for a different reason, but… I could never tell my mom that I don’t believe her.”
“You want to know something boy? You’re right.”
“What?” The boy asked confused.
“Your dad didn’t leave for a work trip. I can’t believe your mom has been keeping this from you for so long,” the old man said, tipping his hat back to
“Keeping what? If my dad didn’t leave for work why did he leave?”
“Ten years ago he and Greg left to see if they could join Silver on his quest to the Cave of the Sea-Witch.
“The sea witches’ cave!? Why would my dad and Gil’s dad want to go there?”
“Nobody knows. That’s why it shocked the whole island.” The old man said, puffing his pipe.
“And they never came back?” The boy asked.
“Greg comes back from time to time. But, he leaves a day or two later always saying he only had time for a couple days and now had to join up with the rest of them before the party moved on for their next stop in their journey.” The vendor looked at the boy, “Did you ever see him when he came? Aren’t you friends with that Gilbert boy?”
The boy shook his head, “Yes, but I never saw him. I just thought Gil’s dad was like mine…gone with work….” Pausing he looked down. Then looking back up he asked, “Did he ever say how my dad was doing?”
The vendor shook his head, “Not much just that John was doing well and that he couldn’t come with him this time.”
“But why not? Why couldn’t he come back?”
“He never said, just gave June a kiss and left. Not coming back until the next year or so. Never making a scene, he showed up in the evening and left the same way. It’s a quite a mystery actually.”
“Will he be coming back again this year?”
“I don’t know, but it is getting to that time of year. You thinkin’ of asking him ‘bout your dad, boy?” The boy nodded. The vendor smiled, leaned over the stall and ruffled the boy’s hair again. “You do that. Maybe he’ll tell you about your dad, rather than the other people in town.”
“Like you?”
Taken a back the vendor paused, then laughing, he leaned back in the chair, and answered, “Yes, like me.” Above them the town bell started to strike. Pausing they both listened, after the fifth strike the bells fell silent. The old man sighed, “It looks like it’s ‘bout time you start heading home. Your mom will have supper ready soon.” The boy nodded and started to leave. The old man watched and then called out to him. “Oy, Ryan, don’t you tell your mom what I told you about today. She’s still sore about John not coming back. I don’t know how she would react to you knowing about it.”
The boy looked back, surprised at first, and then nodded smiling, “Thanks Old Man Jenkins. I’ll see you tomorrow!”
Looking forward again the boy ran, quickly disappearing from the vendor’s sight. Sighing, he puffed on his pipe and adjusted his cap. “That boy is an interesting one. Best stick around to see how he turns out.”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“Guess what Mom, I was talking to Old Man Jenkins today and he actually called me by my name.” Ryan said as he helped his mom put food on the table.
“That’s great honey! He must’ve taken a liking to you.” Ryan’s mom said putting down the final bowl.
“Maybe,” Ryan paused looking down at his plate. “Hey Mom….he told me something interesting today.”
“Really? What was it?” His mom asked starting to dish out the food.
“He told me that Dad went and joined Silver.”
Ryan’s mother slowly sat down and stared at Ryan. Silence fell across the table. “Do you believe what he told you?” Ryan nodded slowly.
Minutes passed in silence. Finally his mom spoke her voice soft, “Now are you going to leave also?”
“No, of course no-”
Before Ryan finished his mom cut him off, her voice starting to crescendo, “Now that you know what really happened to your father are you going to leave me too?” Ryan tried to cut in but didn’t get a chance. “Are you going to give me false promises about coming back but then never send word of where you are or if you’re even alive? Then after years your best friend that left with you shows up, but then won’t tell me anything about you? Are you going to do that to me?”
“Of course not! Mom, there’s no way I would just leave, and there must be a reason Dad couldn’t say anything.
“How do you know!? You’re still a boy! You wouldn’t understand why!” She yelled standing up, knocking her chair over in the process.
“But Mom, I really think you need to trust Dad. There must be a good reas-”
Shocked Ryan stumbled out of his chair and put a hand on his reddening check. His Mom stood glaring at him hand still in the air. Tears sliding down her cheeks, “You wouldn’t understand.” Letting her hand fall to her side she turned and left the room leaving Ryan alone listening to the soft footsteps heading up the stairs to the bedrooms.
Lowering his hand he looked at it and then closed it into a fist. Staring at it he made a vow to himself, “There has to be a good reason why Dad never came back, and I’m going to find out why.” Standing up he left the room and went out the backdoor heading towards town.

6 years later:
“Oi Ryan, toss that basket down! We’re behind schedule and need to get a load into town as soon as possible!” A tanned burly man called from the dock.
“Alright Donny! You know patience is a good trait to have! Sometimes I wonder why your wife even married you!” Ryan called back heaving a large basket full of wriggling fish down to the man.
Catching the basket Donny shouted, “You better be watchin’ who you’re cheeky to boy! I could fire you right here right now if I wanted to!”
Ryan dropped another basket down to the man and laughed. “There’s no way you’d ever be able to fire me. I’m the only one here that actually does any work. If you get rid of me you’d have to do all it all yourself!”
Donny snorted, “You know, that motorized net reeler has already saved me quite a few headaches, I bet it could save me one more.” Then with a smirk he signaled that once Ryan had unloaded the rest of the day’s catch he was free to head home. Hefting the baskets onto his shoulders he headed into town to finish the delivery.
With the last basket unloaded, Ryan stood up and stretched, and started to rub some tension out of his neck. A loud whistle cut through the noise of the harbor catching his attention. Looking around Ryan tried to locate the source of the whistle. Finding it, he waved, jumped down to the dock and walked over, taking off the bandana he had been wearing to keep the sweat from dripping into his eyes. Tossing the bandana at the person who what the source of the whistle, Ryan ruffled his red hair until his bangs fell into place. Glancing at the person he laughed, “Oh come on Gil it’s not that bad! It’s only sweat.”
“Yeah, your sweat,” Gil complained. “Do you have you throw your bandana at me every time you finish work?”
“It’s your bandana. I’m just giving it back. We’re both old enough now that a little sweat shouldn’t be a big deal,” Ryan said casually, putting his hands into his pockets.
Gil glared at Ryan. Moving his blonde hair out of his face he said, “You throw your bandana at me even if it isn’t mine. The only reason it’s mine today was because you were running late and forgot to grab one this morning.”
Ryan laughed again, “Good thing your house is on my way to work or I wouldn't have had a bandana at all! It’s hard to get any work done if sweat keeps dripping into your eyes!” Ryan laughed. Gil sighed and shook his head, shoving the bandana into his back pocket. Ryan turned and headed into town with Gil following close behind. “You got done with work early. Is Old Shem finally going easy on you?”
Gil groaned, “That guy is a slave driver. There’s no way he’d go easy on me! I’m starting to think I should’ve got a job in the fishing trade with Donny like you did.”
“Probably, but I doubt Donny would’ve liked you much either. Anyway, if Old shem isn’t going easy on you then why’d he let you leave early?” Ryan asked glancing at the pastries in the bakery window as they waked past.
“A new apprentice started today at the smithy, so half my workload went to them. Shem said I could just leave and ‘not show my face for the rest of the day’ as soon as I finished,” Gil said imitating his mentor’s deep rasping voice. “I swear that man hates me. Do you think Donny would hire me if I begged?”
“Not a chance. He has enough slackers to take care of. He doesn’t need another one,” Ryan said dodging Gil’s fist that came as an answer to his comment. The two started bickering as they turned a corner and walked by the pub. A snip of conversation reached Ryan’s ear as they passed the main doors. Stopping he tried to hear the rest of the conversation, but it was lost in the buzz of never ending activity. Gil started to say something but Ryan stopped him. “Did you hear that?” Without waiting for an answer he entered the building. Sighing Gil followed his friend inside. The pub was packed full of a wide variety of people from sailors, to law enforcers and to the physically fit and the physically not. All of the people were talking so loud that it was closer to shouting than talking. Keeping close behind Ryan, Gil wondered how he was going to find who he was looking for in this crowd of drunks. After much weaving and shoving Ryan came to a stop in front of two, haggard old sailors.
“Tis true! All the ‘arbors I’ve been at lately ‘ave all told the same story. Silver ‘as been meddling in other people’s problems again,” one of the old sailors said pointing his mug at his companion.
“There’s ain’t no way,” the other sailor said. “I saw Silver hangin’ from the mast of ‘is ship five years ago. It was the eeriest thing I ‘ave ever seen. ‘im hangin’ from the mast and the bodies of ‘is crew strewn all across the deck. It was a floatin’ graveyard, that’s what it was. There’s definitely no way he survived.”
“I doubted it at the beginnin’ also, but when ten different ‘arbors ‘ave been telling me the same story I ‘ave to start believin’ it,” the first sailor said taking a swig from his mug. His companion shook his head, mumbled something about having too much ale, stood up and headed toward the bar to grab another drink. Ryan watched the old sailor leave and immediately took his place at the small table. Blurry-eyed, the sailor looked at Ryan and asked, “An’ what do you want?”
“If Silver’s really back where was the last place his was seen?” Ryan asked.
“Eh? And why do you want to know that?” the old sailor asked. Narrowing his eyes he leaned in close enough that Ryan could smell the liquor on the man’s breath. “You believe my story.” Ryan nodded leaning back. The sailor sat back laughing. “Finally! Someone on this side of the sea believes me! You ‘ave no idea how many people I’ve told. Gets frustratin’ when no one believes you.”
“Yeah, that’s great…but where was the last place Silver was seen?” Ryan asked again.
“Yeah, yeah, last I ‘eard he was seen headin’ towards the desert land of Anitest on ‘is way toward Jones Reef. Looks like ‘is main goal is still the same,” the sailor said taking another swig from his mug. Before he lowered the mug from his lips Ryan had stood up and was on his way out of the pub with Gil struggling to keep up.
“You’re not thinking what I think you are, are you?” Gil asked once the two of them were outside and heading down the street. “Ryan, Silver died five years ago, this guy is obviously just a fake.”
“Doesn’t matter if he’s a fake or not. If he’s going by the name of Silver there’s a possibility he can answer my question.” Ryan said turning down an alley.
“You don’t know that. Like that other sailor said, Silver’s ship was a floating graveyard. Nobody from the original crew could’ve survived. There’s a very low chance that this guy is going to know the answer to your question,” Gil argued.
“You don’t know that either. Were you there five years ago?” Ryan asked, not letting Gil answer he continued. “No you weren’t. So there’s a chance this person knows what I’m looking for. If there’s a chance I’m going for it.”
Gil stopped walking, “So you’re going to leave everything behind, abandon your mom, and go searching for this ‘Silver’ just to see if he can tell you where your father is?”
Ryan stopped and looked back at this friend. Then moving forward again he answered. “Yes.”
“Ryan, you’re not thinking this through. You’ll be putting your mom through the same thing your father did. Even after she worked so hard to fix what she did five years ago. Are you really willing to do that?”
Ryan stopped again, turned around, and looked Gil straight in the eye, “I won’t be the same as my dad.” Gil locked onto Ryan’s gaze and held it for a moment. In the silence the two studied each other, trying to find a weakness in the other’s resolve. Then, in defeat, Gil sighed and shook his head.
“Suit yourself. I can’t stop you if you want to chase this fake Silver like the idiot that you are,” Gil said walking past Ryan out of the alley. Smiling, Ryan turned and followed him out. The two walked in silence out of town and through the first set of fields. Still in silence they turned off the main road onto an overgrown path. Following the path they entered a small forest and ended up at a hidden cove at the other end of the island. In the middle of the beach Gil stopped walking and broke the silence as Ryan walked up to something, “I know I can’t stop you from chasing that fake, but are you sure you want to go in that piece of wood you call a boat.”
Ryan ran a hand along the side of a medium sized vessel beached in the sand and looked back at Gil, “Of course. It took me years to make it, why wouldn’t I use it?”
“Well, maybe because you don’t even know if your boats floats or not,” Gil stated shrugging. “Also, you haven’t even bought a sail for it yet, oh, and maybe because you just finished it last week.”
Ryan made a face at Gil and turned back to his boat, “I’ve almost raised enough money to buy the sails that I want. As soon as I do, I’m going to take her out for her first run and, then soon after, head off to see the world on my way to find Silver….and my father.”
Gil sighed and shook his head, “You’ve been saying this stuff since you first started building this thing.”
“But now I know that he’s out there. Somewhere on his way to Jones Reef,” Ryan said climbing up the ladder onto the deck of the ship.
“Well, you better not be thinking that you’re taking me with you on this stupid quest of yours,” Gil said folding his arms and looking up at Ryan.
“Of course you’re coming with me. You said you would,” Ryan said
“And when did I say that?” Gil asked. “I don’t remember ever agreeing to come with you on this ridiculous journey.”
“A year ago when-” stopping mid-sentence Ryan looked up and cocked his head focusing on something. “Did you hear that?”
“Hear what?” Gil asked as Ryan jumped down to the ground.
Walking up to Gil, Ryan answered, “The town signal bells are ringing.”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Commission Time! :Sketch:

A commission for a RL friend of Blood Seeker from Dota 2. I think the sketch turned out pretty good, but I already know what I'm going to be tweaking. So, we'll see how this turns out!

And yes, Gackpo is my favorite Vocaloid.