There are times when Nana dreams something that must be told. There are times when Nana writes a verse that needs display. This is where they are, where they belong.

The way Nana write her dreams is by taking the information she outlines when she wakes and fills in the details that can be filled in, like names, places, etc. The reason she writes dreams in a first person point of view, is because it is so much better than the choppy outline that sits in her note book.

Just one of those days.

(Had this dream years ago. One of my funner ones.) I lay staring up at the clear blue sky as I drift aimlessly on my raft on this waterworld in which I am lost on. If I'm lucky I might run into Kevin Costner and he'd help me out. But I will...

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Poem set one: Playful

Poem 1: Jack and Jill own a hill Though it doesn't help them pay their bill Humpty Dumpty has a bad name I know many sick jokes, it's a shame Mother goose is rolling in her grave What exactly is a clave? O...

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Double Feature

Dream 1: Now I've been living next to two brothers for as long as I can remember; their plumbers I believe. They are originally from New York, so their brotherly quarrels are just common place. That said, when they started to argue about som...

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Prequal? to 24

Black and white has never been me so I painted the walls white and myself black. After I finished the project I left the white room and entered the grey one, in which I proceeded to paint myself purple. Now I was enjoying this activity but a...

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This is a two part story that happen like two nights in a row. Yes, two connecting dreams. Part 1 The Sonic Diver swoops low as I edge closer to my target. The wind whips in my short hair. The Angel's outline a blur under the water. M...

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