Yo toothpicks here! It's been about 6 years since I've last been on the Otaku. I don't plan to be active but at least drop in every now and then and submit a few fan arts here and there.

Hey! Thanks for visiting my world! I'll start off with a true story. I don't want to reveal my friends name so i'll use code names.
My friend=Tibby


That whole, "the older you get, the more you start to die slowly," is starting to be true. I'm so tired all the time. Where did all that energy I use to have go? Damn, I'm jealous of my old self.



Gosh it has been such a long time!
I nearly forgot about this place were it not for me remember abut my super old fanfci with a narcoleptic host. holy crud I mean....dude what?
I can't even begin to describe all the nostalgia I'm feeling. Looking back at these old posts, I feel so....young again? I don't even know!
But I know one thing, I have change a lot!
My typing style, how I express myself. I'm no longer so hyper but I'm still pretty random. I won't delete any of my old posts just so I can remind myself of how I used to be, considering that I don't have any written records of my personal thoughts and of how I used to act.

Wow not to mention my art style! I can see how much I have greatly improved ;w;
Maybe I'll make a comeback here....maybe.


Hello! So I am apparently a guest poster here XD but I had no idea! *laughs* SO! I made a card for this place! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT :D anyway I hope you like it and I guess...I'm welcoming myself to toothpicks! hahaha!


The graduation that never happened

I graduated 2 days ago and no one cares!

Sweet, i'm a guest poster.

Well, recently i found out that i can guest post here.

Yay :D

Since this world is called
"Nothing but toothpicks", i will put this.


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