This is a place where any information for B.A.N.G will be posted, as well as any news about when things will be updated. I have yet to begin to put the manga on here, but when I do I hope you'll like it.
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Less Like You

This is a challenge entry, and it also gives you a little bit of history for Justin. Books are piled high on the desk, how many is unknown. As I glance down at the paper in my hands, I closed my eyes in annoyance. What is written is what I...

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Information about B.A.N.G

The world of B.A.N.G

In the world of Spire, there are many different kinds of power. Wealth and position are but only two of them. A long time ago, the highest Powers who in their might gave their power to lesser people so that they would be able to help the people, distributed a special kind of Power. One was the power of shape shifting, another was telekinesis, but one of the most powerful ones, was the power of the elements. It was not certain what elements one could control; the only way you would know was if you were a part of that family. But like most of the population of Spire, you more than likely had none of these.
And in turn that is why the government was so powerful, so hated, was because they used these powers to further their causes. And so, those with the Powers were feared and hated.

“What one doesn’t, or can’t understand, they fear.”

Too long had the government betrayed the people, they set fire to crops, and homes, they took away the water when they felt like it was “necessary for the better of the people”. They charged high taxes on almost everything, so it was hard for most of the people in Ergot to live. But then the only way the government could rule was if the subjects were alive, so then they would step in to make sure no one would die. Which in providing for the villagers, would make the country look better to it’s neighbors. The only ones who could stand up to the government, was the people who had relations with those in the government.

The Country of Ergot, is a vast land, mostly of snow, and is surrounded completely by water. Once every year, a nice current of warm weather comes, if only for a week or two. The houses are built close together, and are built in pretty much the same fashion. They have large walls separate the north, south, east and west portions of Ergot.
In the center of each portion, there are either large or small shopping districts. It is highly populated in the center, but the farther out you go the less citizens there will be. And each district has their own lakes, but the Eastern part has the most, all the way down to the West, which has the least.